Babel Monthly – 15

15 Months Old

Babel, you babble, a lot! And we love it so very much! Talk, talk, talk. Almost all day long. Of course, we have no idea what you’re saying yet, but that’s okay. Since we’re raising you trilingually, we know you’re very likely to really start speaking at a later age than your monolingual peers, so we’ll just have to be extra patient.

Papa thinks perhaps “chin chin” [penis in Japanese] could be your first word! You have discovered your little penis, and of course you like to play with it. Lately, you seem to try to repeat “chin chin” when Papa tells you that’s your “chin chin”. When you say it sounds more like “dju dju”, but it really seems like you’re trying to say the same thing as Papa. We’re not quite ready to officially claim that as your first word, but you’ve been doing it quite consistently.

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Dear Babel – By Dad

Kotera Family Photo

Dear Babel, I started writing this on the 8th of June 2015, you were 6 weeks and 2 days old. You started to say something back to us with sounds. That’s very cute. The day before, I experienced that for the first time. I was so happy and jumped in the nursery room, and the whole floor shook. Mommy and Oma Moem were laughing so hard. It was the first time we responded to each other, I couldn’t contain myself.

Babel and Daddy

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Babel Weekly – 5

5 Weeks Old

Yesterday, Babel was already five weeks old! Time flies, especially when breastfeeding a tiny boy, hence my post a day late. Yet, I’m still pretty proud of myself blogging just a day late. Currently, little Babel is in the Ergo Carrier resting on my chest and listening to Bon Jovi, while I type a little bit about his fifth week of life. And five weeks old means he’s passed another milestone, yes he is officially a one-month-old now, wonder if that ends his newborn status?

1 Month Old

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Babel Weekly – 4

4 Weeks Old

Four weeks ago is when we became parents. Just four weeks ago when all those scary things happened, but thankfully it all ended with us holding our baby in that dark Neonatal room. In a few days Babel will be one month old already. I like him getting older, every day is one day closer to a manageable routine and a new normal, I’ve heard. I’ve survived two whole weeks at home alone with Babel. I prefer it when my main helpers are there, but my husband works a fulltime job and my mom lives in another country. Oh well, my job is to take care of Babel and I feel like I am getting better and more confident at it, slowly though, but it seems to be happening.

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Babel Weekly – 3

3 Weeks Old

Three weeks of being a mom, wow, time sure flies. Especially, when you spend most of your time on the couch breastfeeding your little one. It sounds like nothing but it’s time-consuming like nothing else I’ve ever experienced. And of course I do much more than feed him, I also stare at him, stroke his hair, have him nap on my chest, hug him, change his diapers, use my iPhone and free hand to take photos of him and post them on social media, and sometimes put him down in his Wool Nest so I can quickly eat something or go to the bathroom. He doesn’t like napping in his Wool Nest nearly as much as napping on my chest or lap, so I’m pretty much glued to the couch during the day. Usually, before I know it, evening has arrived and Yasu gets back from work. He takes over baby duty for a while, when I cook dinner and soon after that it’s time to get ready for bed again. I try to go to bed much earlier than before Babel was born because I know I’ll be up in the middle of the night (at least, once or twice) for two-hour stretches to feed and change Babel. And in the morning it all starts again, hopefully after a decent amount of sleep.

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Weekly Babel

1 Week Old

Since week 29 of my pregnancy, I’ve been taking weekly photos of Babel, in my belly. And now that he’s out, I will keep doing the same. I know time will fly and I want to record his growth and his changes through these weekly Babel photos. Today, he’s two weeks old, so I already have two photos to share.

2 Weeks Old

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Babel Birth Announcement

We’ve named our little baby boy: Babel (pronounced “BAH-buhl”).

“Babel” means a confused mixture of sounds and voices, especially in different languages. It originates from the ‘Tower of Babel’ in the Bible, a tower built in an attempt to reach heaven. God made the builders all speak different languages in an effort to confuse them and stop them from finishing the tower to reach heaven. He wanted to enforce his command for humanity to spread throughout the entire world instead.

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