Little One Loading: 95% Complete

38 Weeks Pregnant

I’m now 8.5 months pregnant! It’s hard to believe, time has flown and now baby is due in exactly 2 weeks. Wow. Actually, he may not be that patient. Baby dropped down into my pelvis and has been engaged for more than two weeks now, and I haven’t been able to properly walk and move about ever since. I have also been having recurring belly cramps in the morning for two days now… They go later in the day, so I don’t think we’re there yet and it’s just my body getting ready for labor. But who knows, he could be ready to meet us anytime now. Today, tomorrow, next week? We’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure.

Nursery Progress

I am starting to feel ready for his arrival. I’m not talking mentally ready, I have been ready like that for years. I mean materially ready, I’ve been worried for months about ordered nursery furniture not arriving, and a baby that could arrive early. Thankfully now, baby is still warm and snug in my belly and almost all his things are here. There are still a few hiccups that need to be resolved, but we have everything we need if he comes early. Which is a huge relief.

Tiny Person Laundry

I did my first batch of baby laundry this past week, which was exciting, I am sure that will no longer be the case a couple of hundred loads later in a few months. I washed all his tiny clothes and linens and they’re all ready and waiting for him as well.

Hospital Bags

I also finally packed my hospital bags. This should have really been done before I even hit 8 months pregnant, as advised, but hey better late than never. It looks like I’m going on a two-week vacation, but it’s really just for a one night stay (or shorter) at the hospital. The only things in there are on the actual list the hospital gave me, and I’m still missing a few items. The big items that quickly filled up my bags are: a pack of diapers; 2 boxes of maternity pads; a top and tail bowl; bags of cotton wool balls; three towels (two for me and one for baby); baby blanket; bottles of Gatorade; and of course clothes and toiletries for mommy and baby. It’s a good thing I’m breastfeeding, otherwise I’d need another bag for all the bottle feeding stuff they tell you to bring if you’re doing that. The list also tells us to bring snacks for energy and sustenance during labor, not just for mommy but of course also for daddy. Since the hospital won’t be feeding him and we could be doing the labor thing for hours and we certainly don’t want daddy passing out and missing the birth of his son.

Baby Mobile MakingBaby Mobile MakingBaby Mobile MakingBaby Mobile Making

Now the biggest preparation left for me to do is to write my birth plan and preferences. I have been procrastinating on this, not sure why. Perhaps, I’m scared that once I’ve done that, baby will get some unconscious signal and come early? I really wouldn’t mind a little more time to finish making him a baby mobile and name banner for his room, although I know that isn’t really happening anyways even if he does wait until his due date. But that doesn’t stop me from trying, in spite of the pain in my wrist and fingers.


17 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 95% Complete

  1. How long you stay there in the hospital normally? In Finland it’s been two night minimum for the first child and after that one night or even none. We had two nights as Nathan was healthy but they needed those days for check ups for both mother and baby on both days, teaching us how to wash baby properly, dress up etc. basically those two days was like having a nurse next to us whenever we needed help with something

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      • I only know giving birth at home to be very rare in Germany and nearly not to be found in Finland. It seems it really does depend on the country. But one week?! Wow, is in japan also something like a resting month for the mother? In China the mother has to rest one month, no tv, no phone, no books, no shower/ no washing! no going around etc because it is tradition…tradition in which even chinese doctors say it’s bad as several things such as no washing harms the child as well. However this stuff has brought up new businesses around China as this one month in a special center costs easily 5k euros and more!

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      • Thank god she didn’t. Few years ago she was all into those traditions but when she got pregnant she started researching things and realized that it is absolute rubbish :) (sadly still around 95% of chinese women follow this traditions!!!)

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  2. So, my Genius Judgmental Doctor Sister is annoying in many ways, but she did do an OB rotation. Louana, you — like all Moms — probably get all kinds of excellent advice, and so I am not going to add to it. But here is her #1 piece of advice for all Dads. I am posting it for Yasu, who wrote such a lovely post to his baby.

    “Gentleman! Of course you will want to hold your wife’s hand, especially during a very hard, painful labor. However, under NO CIRCUMSTANCES should you give her your whole hand to hold. Women have been known to break or bite their husband’s hand. Instead, let your wife squeeze your index and middle finger as much as she wants. She can’t break them, they are hard to bite, and then you and your fingers remain intact and you won’t be injured and get in the doctor’s way.

    Also, if you feel lightheaded, sit in a chair and put your head between your legs immediately. This will keep you from passing out and hitting your head and getting in the obstetrician’s way once again.”

    Good luck and keep us posted!

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  3. Lovely clothes :) it kind of sounds like he is making his way down. :P Maybe you’re having some Braxton Hicks contractions. As far as I know, they are quite common around that time! :D I can’t wait to see pictures of the little cutie!!

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    • Yes they are. Have been having loads of Braxton Hicks for a couple of weeks now, but the ones without the actual crampy pains. So feel like I am indeed moving into the next phase and baby is moving on down! I’m so excited to see what he looks like!!!


  4. So exciting! You mentioned breastfeeding. Do you have some supports lined up? If not, see if there is a breastfeeding group nearby, like La Leche League that you can call day or night. I thought it would be easy and for some moms, it is, but for many, it isn’t but there is help out there. and
    Has Yasu heard about moms in Japan going back home for a month to get help with a new baby? This is tradition in Hitoshi’s family. I think it’s a neat idea!
    I didn’t know most births are at home in the Netherlands! That’s neat. I wanted a home birth but we lived in an apartment with thin walls so we used a birth centre instead.

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    • So you do have a little one! I just found a mention of your baby on your about page, you don’t mention the peanut in your posts do you, I’m so surprised :)! When did you give birth?

      There’s lots of support here for breastfeeding, but thanks for the tips. There are lactation consultations in the hospital and who come to your home after you’ve given birth. And then there are the BreastMates, volunteering breastfeeding moms who are there to help. I hope to become a succesfully breastfeeding mom soon :).

      I heard about that Japanese tradition, yes. I, on the contrary, do not like the idea. My husband and I are quite independent, kind of have to be when you keep moving to other countries and build up something new, far away from home and your families. We both grew up in quite troublesome family dynamics and being away from ours has enabled us to create a new and much healthier one for our tiny family (of 2, soon 3). So our preference would actually have been being alone with our new baby for a month, so we can bond with our baby and find our own groove together. But my mom has decided to come over for 3 weeks from next week on. I know she’s excited about her first grandbaby and wants to help out, but honestly I’m quite stressed out about it. From experience: too many captains sink the ship, and I don’t know if I’ll have to energy to enforce boundaries.


      • Sorry for taking ages to respond! I’ve kept babes out of the blog. Hubs and I agreed to do that, other than stories once in a while. But if we meet in person ever, you’ll have your fill. ;D

        That’s great about having support for breastfeeding. And… I absolutely understand about too many cooks in the kitchen. It was incrediblye stressful for me for the first three weeks. I had a similar situation and in my case, it was a disaster. I didn’t predict this and was hopeful for good tidings but it never happened. I spoke to other new moms who had a really positive experience so I guess it’s possible. I know what you mean about boundaries and the new grandma wanting to be right in there but bonding with baby was so important to us, too. It still breaks my heart to look back at pictures from the first few weeks and see so few with me and my own baby!!! What we needed was someone to prepare meals and do laundry and for us to simply relax and hang out in bed with our new baby. I’m thinking of you!

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      • Good to know about your regret of photos with baby in the first weeks. I’m going to make sure that does not happen to us. My mom is here now and so far so good. She, like us, is really excited and we can’t wait to meet little one. Had a half day of contractions yesterday and she did great with giving us space and helping out in the background. Also that extra help is really nice of course, not having to worry about any household chores. Btw, responding to you in between a new series of contractions this morning. Let’s hope this sticks and ends up in us meeting baby.

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