Yasu & Louana on Dutch TV (with English subtitles)

A little over two years ago, when I was still living in the Netherlands, I missed Yasu because I hadn’t seen him for over a year. I wrote a letter to a Dutch TV show which reunites people who live far apart, for the holidays. As expected, I didn’t hear back from them… But Yasu and Gy did! And behind my back they arranged a reunion with the producers of the show, which led to me being kidnapped to Russia in a private jet and finding Yasu there on some public square! Read the full story here. Of course, this was all broadcasted on TV on Christmas Eve, and I tried to put it online, but I didn’t really know how to do it and the quality wasn’t good. But I’ve finally figured out how to do it properly and I’ve even added English subtitles:

Busy and long weekend

So this weekend it was back to the nasty suit shopping again. We started on Saturday in Düsseldorf, where I found two more suits for Lou-sensei. The suits do look very European but they’re still very professional. Of course, we didn’t just search for suits in Germany, we also searched for Starbucks! Gyano and I are huge Starbucks fans and we’re still desperately waiting for the first coffee house to open in the Netherlands. I heard they’re actually opening one at Schiphol Airport soon but it’s on the other side of customs, so if you want a frappucino or caramel machiato you’d have to buy a plane ticket first. But it’s a start, maybe by the time I visit my home country they have a Starbucks store in my street ;). Anyway, we’ve always had to travel to Germany to taste some Starbucks coffee, and we actually did on more than one occasion. So last Saturday, we endulged ourselves in all the Starbucks goodness… three times! Of course, we also ate. For lunch we had sushi and for dinner we had some typical German food: Bratwurst and fries. Next time we’ll be in Düsseldorf, will be May 25th at the airport, when I depart for Japan…

Sunday was brother-sister-quality-time at the Efteling, courtesy of my sweet mother and stepfather. We had a lot of fun with all the exciting and less exciting rides the park has to offer. First thing we did was try out the new ‘Flying Dutchman’ ride, which is a small rollercoaster with a finale splash in the water. It was a fun but even shorter than normal ride, and it wasn’t worth waiting 90 minutes in line for. Luckily, we only had to wait for about 10 minutes because we went there so early, but many visitors were not so fortunate. Almost all the other rides had very short to non-existent lines, so we were able to spend the day hopping on and off rides. We even went on some of the boring and too familiar (we have been to this park many, many times) rides, just for old time’s sake and for me to do it one last ime. We also revisited some of our favorite rides, with the ‘Half Moon’ ship being our all-time favorite! It is the largest swinging ship ride in Europe, made even more amusing by the various screams and chants from Dutch riders. I especially heavily contributed to those screams during our 11 swings in that ship (the picture is during one of these swings). Our goal was to go 20 times, but after 11 times we were too nauseous to continue. Of course, we always tried to sit in the back benches to make it as scary as possible! We had a great day and laughed a lot, I’m going to miss him so very much when I move to Japan.

Our weekend didn’t end on Sunday, we added two more days: a day of shopping in Belgium and a day of relaxing in the Netherlands. On Monday (my 3-year anniversary with Yasu), we spent all day shopping in Wijnegem, Belgium because it was Queensday in the Netherlands, a national holiday resulting in all Dutch stores being closed. Gyano and I still needed to complete our wedding outfits with some shirts and a tie for Gy. Tuesday, we spent all day relaxing at the Zwaluwhoeve, which is a large and beautiful sauna and beautyresort. During the studio taping of ‘All You Need Is Love’ everybody in the audience was given a voucher for a day at this spa, complete with two meal buffets. People are supposed to enjoy the saunas while naked, but we are too shy for such exhibitionism so we decided to go on a monthly bathing-suit-day, which was yesterday. We sweated in about 12 different saunas and steamrooms, sat in 2 herbal baths (which I imagine onsens in Japan are like) and 2 whirlpools, swam in a variety of hot and cold swimming pools and enjoyed two buffet meals. We spent 11 hours at the spa and all that relaxing actually made us very tired, happy tired :).

3 whole years…

3 years ago Yasu and I shared our first kiss, in SPICE house on the Emory University campus where we were both exchange students. Ever since that 6-hour-long-kissing episode, we’ve been boyfriend-girlfriend and we’ve never let the 9291.4 km (5773.4 miles) between Veldhoven and Amagasaki be a problem. Granted there are some difficulties in maintaining such a long-distance-relationship, but with a little help from our friends, family and some TV producers we’ve been able to do it for 3 whole years!

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“All You Need Is Love” DVD has come – By Yasu

I really did not have time to post things here. Finally now I do.

Now I write about “All You Need Is Love” DVD as you saw on the title. If I had to choose the best thing last year, surely this will be one of those few experiences. My intelligent girl, Louana was asked by her friend if she wanted to apply for being in one of the most popular TV shows in the Netherlands, “All You Need Is Love”. When she told me about that, I thought it was a great idea. I was positive, but did not expect much.

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Dr. Phil DVD – By Yasu

Yesterday I was very busy but when I got home, there was a cute envelope from Louana. I wondered what was inside but I couldn’t find scissors so I put it in a big pocket on my jacket. I had dinner and got several things done.

Then Louana talked to me so I was at my PC. She talked about a bill for a red iPod so I thought inside the envelope is that bill. But I wondered why it could arrive in here that quick. Usually it takes about a week to ship something from the Netherlands to Japan. After talking for a while I opened the envelope then found a card and a DVD. This is something I didn’t think it was.

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