Little One Loading: 92.5% Complete

37 Weeks Pregnant

That’s right, baby is full term now! Yesterday, we hit the 37 week mark. He is little over 3 kilo now and that may not sound heavy, but sure feels like it is. Baby has dropped and his head is engaged, making breathing easier and walking and moving about a lot, a lot, a lot harder. First, of all I’ve officially started waddling in the last week; I fit in really well with all those ducks in the park here. Also, I’ve been needing lots of help getting up from the bed, the floor, the couch, and doing things like put on my socks. Oh well, it’s all part of pregnancy and even though it’s inconvenient I’m still so happy and content to be in this position. I get to be a mommy soon and I can’t be more delighted about it.

Baby seems to be happy too, especially today, he seems to be having a dancing-party for one in there. This is the wildest I’ve experienced him so far, his movements and kicks are taking the breath out of me a bit. I hope this doesn’t mean he’s about to dance his way out because I am still not ready for baby to arrive. I am still waiting for my missing nursery items from Mokee, but they have promised me that things had been shipped by the end of last week, so I have good hopes it will all arrive soon, hopefully tomorrow.

Nursery Stuff

This is all the nursery stuff we have collected so far. I had to shove it all in the landing this week because my mom came to Buxton to use the baby’s room as a guest room one last time. Her next planned trip to Buxton was actually planned soon after the baby’s due date, but she regretted not having been able to feel her grand baby move in my belly the last time she was here. I am her only daughter and this is her first grandchild, so I wanted to give her a chance to feel that and to see her grand baby on the screen during my last ultrasound scan, so I flew her over for an early Mother’s Day present. Which made the soon-to-be grandma very happy!

Week 36 Growth Scan with Grandmom

All the way in the beginning, my mom and brother joined us for our very first midwife’s appointment at the hospital in Buxton and today we returned there together again for an ultrasound scan and a doctor’s appointment. My mom got to admire all baby’s body parts – definitely still a boy – and see how everything is in working order. And of course, we got her a little souvenir photo. So far I’ve been really lucky to have experienced such a happy and healthy pregnancy and I’m so happy my body and baby’s body know exactly what to do to grow him healthily.

Grandma and Belly

I am happy to report that she’s got to do what she really desired, which was feel her little grand baby move in my belly. When she was here over the holidays we tried really hard to make my mom feel the baby, since Yasu had felt baby kick (in his face) for the first time on Christmas Day, but she only think she felt a faint flutter or movement. It was a bit frustrating, but we more than made up for it in the last few days. Baby is definitely there now, and his movements are unmistakable and it was great to see my mom enjoy all of them. She can’t wait to meet him in a few weeks. She’ll be back for a long stay to bond with baby and help me out in those first few weeks of momhood.

Daddy and Belly

Being with 3 people during this week’s bump photo session allowed us to take some pictures of daddy and grandma with the belly and I really adore these sweet photos above of them loving on my bump.

Baby Mobile Making

We had a couple of sweet and precious pre-baby days with my mom here in Buxton, and now it’s back to getting-ready-for-baby mode, as soon as possible. I still need to pack my hospital bag and write my birth preferences, I need to listen to my hypnobirthing scripts and do my breathing exercises, I am still working on the baby mobile (slowly because it hurts), and I need to go on one last online shopping spree for the last things the baby needs.


7 thoughts on “Little One Loading: 92.5% Complete

  1. To have your mom with you during the first few weeks will be really a big help. Even though my mom-in-law can be really annoying my wife appreciated often the help she got. Just few more weeks and then you can meet your baby :)

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  2. Aww so exciting!!
    My baby is moving like crazy too already, the kicks are getting surprisingly strong o.o
    Yesterday, hubby had to do my shoe laces too haha after dinner, I felt like I am throwing up if I bend down -.- can’t wait for 3rd trimester yeey -.-
    You are so lucky to hav eyour mom help you out!! We will have umm… nobody ^^;

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    • I am indeed lucky :). But at least you have your hubbie to help you with your shoelaces!

      Aren’t you just loving the movements and kicks?! I was getting a bit sad about the idea of the baby leaving my belly soon. I just so love the feeling of him inside me, kicking and moving. So special. But I am also very excited to meet him, and then Yasu gets to spend more special time with his son too :).


  3. Love that grandma came over! That’s going to be a huge help. Are you singing to the little one yet? Start early with a lullaby as you waddle around now, and maybe baby will will get used to associating it with sleep later, when he’s fussy.

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