Babel Monthly – 18

One and a half year! You have a superpower. Well, at least you seem to think so. Whenever Papa comes at you pretending to be an attacking zombie you blow short and loud raspberries with your mouth. These raspberries (sometimes ‘achoo’ sounds are thrown in the mix as well) always makes the Papa-zombie back up or jump back. So it seems like you do have a zombie-fighting superpower.

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Babel Weekly – 52

52 Weeks Old

This was the last week of the first year of your life, and you will turn one year old tomorrow! What?! Your baby time will be over and you will enter toddlerhood. Gosh, that went quickly. This was the best year of our life and we’re looking forward to all the coming years with you. You are the best thing we ever did.

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Babel Weekly – 51

51 Weeks Old

You are 51 weeks old now and you are one active little man. Your forehead seems to be perpetually bruised these days. The photo color filters make them basically invisible, but in real life they’re there. When the last one is finally starting to turn yellow, you hit your head again and a new bruise develops right over the old one. Don’t worry, it’s a cool look for a dude.

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Babel Weekly – 50

50 Weeks Old

You’re in the fifties now! That means we are really, really close to your birthday! Officially, you’re still a baby but these days you look a lot more like the toddler you will be in just over two weeks. Soon Oma and uncle Gyano are coming over from the Netherlands, and uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin are coming over from Buxton, all to come celebrate your first ever birthday with you!

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Babel Weekly – 48

48 Weeks Old

You turned 48 weeks during Easter weekend. We didn’t celebrate this holiday like I imagined last year, because we were busy moving house. It’s okay because you’re still too young for chocolate and to even realize it’s Easter. Next year, I hope to make Easter a bigger deal and start some eggy family traditions.

You turned 11 months on the day we moved from Buxton to Derby. It’s hard to fathom you’re almost a year old. You’re about to enter toddlerhood and you will no longer be our baby. These days you look more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. It’s getting harder to take these photos as well, as you don’t want to lie down on your back anymore. You want to crawl away and explore, you don’t care about posing for weekly and monthly photos. I really hope we make it to a full year though!

11 Months Old

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Babel Weekly – 47

47 Weeks Old

Your last week as a 10-month old and we’re back in England. We spent most of your 47th week in Japan and thankfully after being ill you were back to the old Babel. You were a lively, outgoing, happy and active little monkey. You loved spending time with each and everyone, and of course they all loved spending time with you. It was quite sad to go back home, but we have an amazing time with your family in Japan to look back on.

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