Emotional Husband

Emotional Husband

My husband is the sweetest man in the world and I’m extremely lucky to be married to him for oh so many reasons. One important reason is his sensitivity, yet I can count the times I have seen him cry in the last 11 years on my two hands, perhaps even one. I, on the other hand, am a huge cry baby and when he does cry, he’s got me bawling within seconds.

Yasu's Pregnancy Notes

Yasu’s mom send over some baby clothes from Japan and included a copy of her own pregnancy notes about when she was pregnant with Yasu. He had never seen these before in his life, his mom saved them for now, when he’s about to be a parent himself. He read them for the first time, while translating them to English, and got so emotional he had to cry. Quite a lot.

Reading his Mom's Pregnancy Notes About Him

It was such a touching, teary and happy moment. Yasu learning about how his parents had hoped and prayed for a son, how he had been a threatened miscarriage, how his mom’s pregnancy had gone, how he was as an infant, and more. What a treasure those notes are. It gave Yasu a completely new perspective and appreciation for his parents, and inspired him to write his first letter to his own son-to-be.


15 thoughts on “Emotional Husband

  1. My mother also kept all notes from her pregnancy and showed them when we first time visited them after little Nathan had been born. Still now it is interesting to see them as there is also my monthly “progression” showing when it comes to using my hands, walking, first words, eating on my own etc :)

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    • My mom had babybooks for my siblings and I and they were always with the photoalbums. So I had grown up checking these out, a lot. I was so surprised Yasu had never seen such a thing about himself. Now we know why :).

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  2. You are lucky to have him. Yasu is one of, if not THE finest human being I have ever met. You make such a great pair. I know you will be great parents. It gives me hope for the future.

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  3. I am not going to read any more of your posts without tissues nearby. That is very touching. What an unexpected treasure for you and Yasu!

    I think only the two oldest children in my enormous family had any notes written by my mother — after that, she was too busy to put anything down on paper. I don’t even have any baby photos! When I go to baby showers and they play “guess that baby” (everyone is supposed to bring in a baby photo of themselves), I borrow one from a niece.

    Your baby is very lucky in his/her parents! Well done!

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    • Aw, thanks Autumn. Oh what a shame you don’t have baby pictures of yourself. Thankfully such a thing is unthinkable these days, when everyone has a camera in his pocket. Our baby will have plenty, since his parents are obsessed with picture taking ;).

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