Thanks, uncle Djamo!


A couple of weeks ago, uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin came to visit with some exciting news. Uncle Djamo scored himself a job, as a math teacher at an American school in Kuwait! It was hot, the park’s paddle pool was still open and uncle Djamo brought his camera.

We had a very excited day in the park, with Djamo the paparazzo taking photos and Djamo the teacher excitedly telling us all about Kuwait. I ended up with beautiful summer photos of Babel in the pool and park. Djamo ended up officially accepting the job offer and signing his contract here in Derby with us.

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Djamo in Japan a.k.a. Djapan


A few days ago my little brother got on a plane and flew to Japan! He’s working on a Bachelor’s degree in Education in Belgium, and has just started a 3-month international internship at my friends’ English Conversation school in Osaka. He’s never been to Japan before, unfortunately he never got to visit me when I lived there, like the other Dutchies. I would have loved to show him around Osaka and the Kansai area myself. I actually took these two weeks off from work, in hopes of going to Japan to visit him. But I got a little (a lot) pregnant in the meantime, so I am enjoying his time in Japan from a distance. I have nothing to worry about though, my friend is taking great care of my little brother and she’s even arranged a fabulous host family for him to stay at during his time in Osaka.

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Wedding photo booth madness

One of the drawbacks of living abroad is missing big family events back in my home country. Today my cousin Marjolein got married to her Danny. I was sad to have to miss it and I’m anxious to see their wedding photos. I heard the ceremony was beautiful.
At the wedding party they had a photo booth for guests and I’ve really been enjoying seeing those photos pop up on facebook. My favorites are the ones with my crazy little brothers and their pretty ladies. The group of shots on the right has my cousin’s new husband joining in on the fun as well.

Monster Moose

I designed the angry moose for my brother Djamo, who’s in a band called Monster Moose. He asked me to make his band a mascot and I came up with this angry moose ornament, which they can hang from the drums during a performance.

The band consists of three members and I decided it would be fun if they all wore their own little moose badge on their clothes when they perform, so I made three more moose in rebelious colors, which I hope matches their style of metal music.

I’ve sent the four moose off to Belgium to live with my brother and he’s sent me a picture of when the angry moose attacked him! I hope he’ll send me some pictures of his band on stage wearing the moose badges.

Making the felt versions of moose was the easy part, the PDF pattern has proven to be a LOT of work. Still editing and thinking of the right words to go with my step-by-step picture guide. It’s coming along, but coming along slowly. Back to work!

Djamo’s audition

Right now in Belgium the auditions for the Absolut band are happening and Djamo is one of the lucky ones auditioning for a spot in that band. Here are some pictures of his personal interview and him showing his tricks on his guitar.
I’m waiting for them to post his video, because the live stream isn’t really working out and I’m anxious to see his performance. I’m on the other side of the world, still I feel extremely nervous… Hope things are going well.
December 8 update:
They never posted Djamo’s video and they never let him and 15 other finish their auditions because of bad planning. As expected, by everyone except the people that were organizing the event, they ran out of time and choose to send home all the popular entries voted for by the public and kept only the 9 entries auditioning on a wild card. Unfortunately, Djamo never got to jam as promised and spent a whole day waiting in Antwerpen for nothing.
But honestly, I think Djamo is better off starting his own band without Tim Vanhamel. I saw the jam sessions online and was unpleasantly surprised by Mr. Vanhamel, the singer of the band. Apparently, he can’t sing, so he resorted to screaming with echo and jumping like a kangaroo and crawling on the floor. It was terrible to listen to and I couldn’t even hear the music. I really wonder why that guy was sponsored by Absolut to find a band…

Vote for my brother!

My brother Djamo is an amazing guitarist and all he wants to do is play his guitar and perform on a stage. He has just entered a contest called ‘In Search of a Band’. An artist called Tim Vanhamel has booked gigs for 2010, but he doesn’t have a band yet and Djamo would love nothing more than be part of that band. So he has made an original video with his own music and entered the contest.
Now he’s looking for people to vote for him and leave him comments so that Tim Vanhamel will find his entry among all the others and consider Djamo for his band. You have to be over 18 to enter the contest because Absolut Vodka is the sponsor. So if you’re over 18 and you have a few minutes please help my musical brother get a spot in that band. I hope you’ll give him a 5-star vote and a nice comment!
When you click the link you will asked for your birthday first to verify your age and then you will probably be navigated to the main website instead of Djamo’s page, so please find him on the Entries page or click this link again to find his personal page where you can vote for him.

Thanks so much for voting and commenting!

eleventh monkey out in the world

The plushies in my eleventh monkey shop describe themselves as a a bunch of slightly awkward creatures looking for new friends out in the world. Some of them have already found new friends out there, and those friends have been photographing their adventures outside of Japan.

Gus moved to Belgium to live with my brother Djamo and he took Gus on a vacation to Tunesia:

Donnie moved to the Netherlands to live with my mom and she taught him how to cook, brought him to the office and took him out shopping in Eindhoven:

It’s so much fun to see the eleventh monkey creatures out in the world and I hope to see pictures of the others out there too.