Babel Monthly – 24

Babel Monthly - 24 Months

OMG, you’re two years old! You are speaking so much. You sing. You copy. You lead. It just amazes us. Thank goodness for videos, so we can capture your cute voice, words, and actions that way. Keeping track here on the blog with words and photos has become impossible. Your first year, I blogged weekly. Your second year, I blogged monthly. Your third year, I plan to blog quarterly. Still, I’m taking photos and videos of you daily.

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Babel Monthly – 23

Babel Monthly - 23 Months

The biggest change over this past month was probably your eating. About two weeks into your 23rd month of life you’ve started eating, loads. You’ve never been a picky eater, but you’ve just never eaten a lot, or even a regular amount. I never worry about your eating because you also breastfeed, but it is fun to now see you eat larger amounts and really enjoy it. You also love your vitamins and you seem to think it is treat. You’ve cut down on breastfeeds during the day, as your belly is full of food these days. It’s making me wonder when you’ll start weaning yourself off of the breast. We’ve almost made it to the recommended 2 years of breastfeeding, after that it is up to you how long we keep going.

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Babel Monthly – 22

22 Months Old

Your development has taken quite the leap this past month, it has truly blown our minds. I can’t really keep track anymore of all the words you’re saying in your three languages. You’re so clearly communicating with us now, both verbally and with gestures. It is getting so much easier for you to make yourself understood. It feels so good to see you develop so quickly and to interact with you on this new level.

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Babel Monthly – 20

20 Months Old

You’re not exactly 20 months yet until Christmas Day, but since we’re traveling to the Netherlands tomorrow I’m a few days early this month. You haven’t gained any weight in the past two months, but you have grown 2.5 cm. A new molar is coming through on the bottom left. You love pears, and still love bananas. Your hair is getting pretty long, especially in the back. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing it by now, as I haven’t blogged about it before, but you like to pull and twist on your hair for comfort. Especially when you’re nursing (which is much better than you pulling my hair, since that’s painful), but I’ve seen you do it while watching TV as well. I also often see it as a sign that you’re getting tired. Just like that sweaty crown around your head that appears when you get sleepy.

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Babel Monthly – 19

19 Months Old

You’ve not been well. In total you were probably sick for about 5 weeks. Then thankfully  you were better and happy for 2 weeks. But this morning, on your 19 month birthday, you threw up again and had two major diarrhetic poosplosions – aren’t details the best?! Now, it’s evening and you seem to be over it, so I guess it was  just a one-day stomach bug. I hope.

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