Babel Monthly – 15

15 Months Old

Babel, you babble, a lot! And we love it so very much! Talk, talk, talk. Almost all day long. Of course, we have no idea what you’re saying yet, but that’s okay. Since we’re raising you trilingually, we know you’re very likely to really start speaking at a later age than your monolingual peers, so we’ll just have to be extra patient.

Papa thinks perhaps “chin chin” [penis in Japanese] could be your first word! You have discovered your little penis, and of course you like to play with it. Lately, you seem to try to repeat “chin chin” when Papa tells you that’s your “chin chin”. When you say it sounds more like “dju dju”, but it really seems like you’re trying to say the same thing as Papa. We’re not quite ready to officially claim that as your first word, but you’ve been doing it quite consistently.

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Babel Monthly – 14

14 Months Old

This past weekend you turned 14 months old, you have some scars on your face but you’re fine otherwise. Life in the Kotera house is still completely baby-led, which works great for our little family. You breastfeed around the clock, and you eat a lot of solid food. You enjoy trying new foods and eating old favorites. You’re still loving frozen grapes and flavored rice cakes. You’ve recently discovered a love of cherries, and you seem to like the green vegetable and fruit juices I’ve been juicing up for us.

At night, we all sleep together in the family bed, which is cosy and convenient for night feeds. You usually sleep from midnight until about 10 or 11 in the morning and do one big nap during the day. You still prefer napping on top of mama, so after I feed you to sleep in the afternoon, I just carry you around in the Ergo. Sometimes I lay you down on a pile of blankets on the floor, but then your naps only last about 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

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Babel is One – Hands and Feet

Growing Hands

When you were just three weeks old, we wrestled with your tiny limbs to take some hand and foot prints. It was especially hard to uncurl your fists and flatten your hands on the sheet. The hand prints we ended up with weren’t as perfect as I’d hoped and I considered getting a new kit and doing it all again. In the end, I decided I liked seeing your young fighting spirit shine through in those prints.

I did get a new kit though, to take some new prints on your first birthday. Hmm, I may make this a yearly birthday tradition, because I really love seeing the difference between then and now: you’ve grown a lot!

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