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37 Weeks Pregnant

That’s right, baby is full term now! Yesterday, we hit the 37 week mark. He is little over 3 kilo now and that may not sound heavy, but sure feels like it is. Baby has dropped and his head is engaged, making breathing easier and walking and moving about a lot, a lot, a lot harder. First, of all I’ve officially started waddling in the last week; I fit in really well with all those ducks in the park here. Also, I’ve been needing lots of help getting up from the bed, the floor, the couch, and doing things like put on my socks. Oh well, it’s all part of pregnancy and even though it’s inconvenient I’m still so happy and content to be in this position. I get to be a mommy soon and I can’t be more delighted about it.

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American English vs British English – Meal Times Edition

American English vs British English

Back with some more American English vs British English confusion I’ve encountered since moving to England.

Do you know what I mean when I talk about breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Just in case you don’t, in the correct order, I mean the morning meal, the midday meal, and the evening meal. Pretty basic English, right? Actually, I often find these exact words adopted in other languages to mean the same thing, so it seems pretty universal. Or so I thought until I moved to England. Here they call the midday meal ‘dinner’ and the evening meal ‘tea’. Breakfast is still breakfast, phew at least I got that right.

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American English vs British English – Baby Edition

American English vs British English

When I lived in Japan I expected to have difficulty communicating. I don’t really speak Japanese and most Japanese don’t really speak English (or Dutch). It was quite a relief, when we moved to the States, to be able to comfortably communicate with everyone. Now that we live in England we are of course able to communicate with the English, but surprisingly not nearly as smoothly as with the Americans. The Dutch education system teaches us British English, but I consciously taught myself American English a very long time ago and have been speaking that ever since. Of course, I knew they pronounce and spell things differently here, but I did not expect so many words to have a different meaning in England than they have in the States.

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Moving on

You know, I used to fantasize about moving. As a little girl who had only known one house and neighborhood, I fantasized about a new place and a new school. Not because I wanted to leave, more because I wanted something excitingly new.

Many years later, I am typing a post about us moving to the UK from our apartment in America, to which my husband and I moved from Japan. This will be the fifteenth time I’m moving house since fantasizing about it as a little girl. I’ve lived in the Netherlands, Belgium, the United States, Japan and now I’m packing to move to a whole new country, a whole new culture.

I guess I got what I asked for!

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San Francisco Bay Ferry

Most people in the Bay Area use BART to get around, but some people use the ferry. We thought we’d give that a try for a change. It’s very windy, very quick, very scenic and very enjoyable! Wish we had thought of this before when we were showing around visitors.

I love me some Facetime

Living far away from family can be hard. I remember 9 years ago when I was an exchange student at Emory University near Atlanta and really missing my family. Back then our only way of ‘live’ contact were long distance phonecalls. One time I was talking to my mom and my roommate and I took a photo with her digital camera, the first one I ever saw in my life, and we emailed it to her. We were so amazed. We could show my mom almost the exact moment we were talking to her, even though she was on the other side of the world. That was something.

Then we discovered Skype. That was something too! Yasu and I maintained our ridiculously long-distance-relationship between Europe and Japan for 3 years via Skype. And after I moved to Japan, I used Skype to keep in touch with my family in the Netherlands.

Now we all have iPhones and Facetime, which makes sharing our lives with each other, no matter where we are on the globe even easier. I wonder what other amazing things the future brings.

Today we had a nice family gathering on Facetime. Yasu and I were on this side of the globe and Yasu’s little brother Hiro, my little brother Gyano and his girlfriend Bente were on the other side.

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Owlet Keychains

If you follow me on Instagram, you’ve seen these owlets come by weeks ago. But I’ve been so busy, mostly with Carnaval preparations, that taking proper photos and putting them on Etsy had been on my to-do list for a long time.

I finally did it last night, during a midnight neighborhood-wide power outage. It was my first time to experience such a power outage and it was a bit scary because Yasu was doing a night shift a work. At first, I had my computer off, trying to save batterylife, but I needed a distraction. So with really slow internet, which made uploading photos quite a pain, I finally added these cuties to the shop. I hope they find great new homes.