The last day we had our rental car, we said farewell to the Japanesies in the morning and drove to Buxton in the afternoon. I’ve really missed Buxton, so it was fun to drive past our old hangouts and our old home. Surprisingly, in little over 4 months quite a few things had changed already. Of course, we were there to visit uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin.

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Caravan Park


Having had good experiences at numerous family vacation parks all over Europe, I thought it would be nice to try the same here in the UK with Babel and the Japanesies. We ended up renting a caravan at Parkdean Trecco Bay in Wales. The location of the park was nice, right near a large beautiful public beach. Unfortunately, the park itself was a disappointment.

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Wedding Bells after 4.5 Years of Marriage

Today is our fifth wedding anniversary! These years flew by and I have no regrets at all. My husband is my most favorite human being in the world; he’s my best friend, my life support, my partner in crime, father of the baby in my belly, and the love of my life.

Marrying him was the best decision I ever made. Yet our special day wasn’t exactly what I had dreamed of as a little girl. We had to get married in secret. We got married in Osaka, yet the only people in Japan who knew that was happening were my coworkers, two of them signed on our marriage papers as witnesses. The day of our commitment it was just the two of us.

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Japan’s Delicious Sticks

Colorful and cute packaging

Umaibo is what’s hidden Inside these colorful packages with a cat character named Umaemon. These ‘delicious sticks’ are cylindrical puffed corn snacks and come in many flavors. Yasu absolutely loves these, they are cheap and tasty. He has fond childhood memories of his granddad giving him a few yen every day after school and going to the local konbini (convenience store) and spending it on Umaibo.

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Visiting Our Koseki Location

Long overdue post – Inspired by my little brother finding our heartlock on top of Umeda Sky Building.

Date of our marriage

When we got married in Osaka on the 21st of December 2009 (yep the date on the lock pictured above) it was all a big secret from Yasu’s family. My family knew it was happening, and they were excited, but they were far away in the Netherlands. Two of my coworkers previously signed the witness boxes on the marriage papers, so on the actual day it was just the two of us filling out papers at an Osaka City Office. Of course, it was still a special day. It’s the day we officially became husband and wife.

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Never Dreamed


After years of family drama, a secret marriage, an international escape, and Yasu hiding out in different countries, today was surreal. It’s all over. One very determined Japanese mom seizing her one and only chance (her son being back in Japan for a short visit) had a very clear dream and goal and she made it happen. She didn’t mind that she had some rather hesitant participants, she pushed through and brought about a family reconciliation.

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