Babel Monthly – 19

19 Months Old

You’ve not been well. In total you were probably sick for about 5 weeks. Then thankfully  you were better and happy for 2 weeks. But this morning, on your 19 month birthday, you threw up again and had two major diarrhetic poosplosions – aren’t details the best?! Now, it’s evening and you seem to be over it, so I guess it was  just a one-day stomach bug. I hope.

Your five-week stint started with a regular cold somewhere last month, then this month viral bronchiolitis and then bacterial pneumonia. The last week was the most worrisome for us, even with paracetamol in your body your fever was as high as 40°C. I can only imagine how high it was without the fever suppressant.


At one point it felt like the fevers, the coughs, the wheezy breathing, the sniffly nose, the vomiting, and the unhappiness would never end. You were attached to me almost 24/7. If I wasn’t breastfeeding you in bed or on the couch, I was carrying you in the Ergo Carrier. You were so uncomfortable and so not yourself. You didn’t even want to bathe, even though you absolutely love playing in the bath with Papa. For 3.5 weeks when we tried to wash you, you were screaming bloody murder.

You started getting really sick for the first time when Oma was here, so instead of all the fun things we had planned to do that week, we visited the doctor and stayed home, hoping that would help you get better. You did perk up a few times in those sick weeks and we got to celebrate Halloween with you, so it wasn’t all bad.

Papa also got quite sick for about two weeks, and even had to stay home from work. It wasn’t nice to see both of you so poorly, but we did have lots of family time in bed and on the couch. Until yesterday, you were done with being sick, done with the doctor visits, done with all kinds of medication, and back to bathing with lots of splashing joy. You were back to normal, and we were so grateful for that. Two weeks of no canceled playdates and no more unhappy Babel! Let’s hope after today, you’re done being sick for the whole Fall and Winter season.

You went to your first circus this month! We went with your little friends Noah and Ezra and we were amazed at how well all three of you did during the performance. You were all on our laps, had some snacks in the middle of the show and none of you tried to escape. You were all watching the acrobats, clown and minions in the middle of the tent and clapping along happily. It was quite the success, and the show was a lot of fun.

Brushing teeth

At the beginning of this month, I discovered your second lower lateral incisor making an appearance to the left or your central incisors. Bottom tooth #4 is quite late, apparently it should have been here between your 10th and 16th month, oh well! You have ten teeth now, and I think some molars are popping out on the bottom soon. Keep brushing them well, little Babel.

Up and down on repeat

Instead of climbing with your hands and knees, you’ve been walking up and down stairs while standing up lately. You hold on to side rails or to our hands, and even though most steps are quite high, you’re getting really good at it. This morning you even managed some steps without holding on to me. You were still a bit wobbly though, but no doubt that’ll improve soon enough. You’re also climbing slides from both sides succesfully, you can slide down sitting up, and you love it!

Belly button

You love it when Papa bares his belly and starts slapping it with his hands, and you love copying him even more. You like baring more than your belly, these days you always seem to want all your clothes off. Tonight you even tried taking off your diaper, are you a future nudist?

You also love pulling hair, especially mine when you’re nursing. I’m not loving that at all, it hurts a lot! You’ve learned how to blow air with your mouth. I was blowing some hair out of your face while you were nursing and you unlatched and started blowing back. It stuck and you’ve been doing it more and more. 

Your wave has changed from a hand flop to proper wave with a very straight up hand with outstretched fingers. You love high fiving people, in real life and on FaceTime and you often make an excited “decha” sound when you do it. You’ve learned how to knock doors asking for someone on the other side to open it. 

After drinking some of my juice or some of your water, you like saying a long “aaaaaah”. You’ve been doing it for a few months now, and it always gives us the impression your drink is really refreshing. After you eat something you often go “mmmmm”, we interpret that as “oh yummy”. You once did that during nursing, you unlatched and said “mmmmm”, that made me really happy.

Fall leaves

We’re trying to teach you more words. I’m not having a lot of success, you never seem to want to repeat words after me. Papa is having more luck, though. This month, he had you saying “zou” [Japanese for ‘elephant’] and “anpan” which is short for Anpanman (a Japanese cartoon hero). I have heard you say “mama” a select few times, not sure you meant me though, you were just copying Papa. You do have a name for me, it’s also “papa”, I guess you like to keep things easy.

Things you’ve started saying yourself include “oh wow”, “hiya”, and your own name. You usually use your name while pointing at what you want, as in saying “that right there belongs to Babel, so you might as well give it to me”. “This this” is also still extremely popular when you want something, “this” is your most used word. Most recently, “aichi” has been added to your repertoire, it seems to mean hot? In Japanese that “atsui” or “atsu” so it makes sense to us.

I’ve heard you make the sound “tah-tooh”, like a police siren while playing with cars, and today you kept saying “koku koku” to the chickens at the Childrens Centre. I wonder if these are on purpose and where you learned these sounds. You’ve also been saying “nai nai” and sometimes conclude it with “baa” when flipping through your Japanese ‘inai inai baa’ [peekaboo] book! Amazing the things you’ve picked up this last month.

Oma's glasses

You still love PPAP, you still request it with your army salute gesture and now you often add the two -hands-pushing-the-fruit-and-the-pen together gesture with an “ugh” sound, just like Piko Taro does in the video. You also request a lot of Anpanman videos by saying “Anpan” over and over. The song Twinkle Twinkle Little Star gets requested by twisting hands in the shape of stars in the air. You also do this when you see something star shaped, recognizing the shape and thinking of the song. It’s amazing to us how smart you are!

Babysitting four boys

You’ve had all your little friends over a few times last month and introduced them to all the Japanese goodness on YouTube. We’ve had a lot of fun dancing with them and their mommies to PPAP, RadioFish’s Perfect Human, and Anpanman songs.

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