Babel Monthly – 23

Babel Monthly - 23 Months

The biggest change over this past month was probably your eating. About two weeks into your 23rd month of life you’ve started eating, loads. You’ve never been a picky eater, but you’ve just never eaten a lot, or even a regular amount. I never worry about your eating because you also breastfeed, but it is fun to now see you eat larger amounts and really enjoy it. You also love your vitamins and you seem to think it is treat. You’ve cut down on breastfeeds during the day, as your belly is full of food these days. It’s making me wonder when you’ll start weaning yourself off of the breast. We’ve almost made it to the recommended 2 years of breastfeeding, after that it is up to you how long we keep going.

Grow Babel Grow - 22 Months

We measured your growth again this month, but this time we did it ourselves. We did your weight on our home scale and your height against the wall. You are now 14.1 kilos and according to our best estimate/measurement 85.5 centimeters tall. You weighed around 13 kilos for more than 6 months, and now you’ve suddenly shot up to 14 kilos. Is it all that food you ate recently?

Mama, Babel & Oma

Oh gosh, the talking! It’s getting really impressive and super intelligible, well at least to us. Oma from the Netherlands is here now and she’s talking and practicing a lot of Dutch with you. The results are simply astounding! Next week, we go to Japan and I’m sure your Japanese will make some new leaps as well. I just hope you don’t keep saying “baka” [Japanese for ‘idiot’] to everyone when we’re there, because you love that word. I swear we didn’t teach you that.

Babel the ball hoarderClara and her favorite boysHolding hands

You’re a hoarder of balls and toys sometimes. You want to hold as many as you can at once, and you’re not interested in sharing them with your friends. That’s okay, I know it’s developmentally correct behavior. But sometimes you get so frustrated, especially when your friends are at our home playing with your toys, that you feel the need to push or hit others. I know it’s a phase and it’ll pass, I just hope soon. You are also very friendly with your friends and you guys just love seeing one another and playing together. Most adorable is when you’re all holding hands when we walk somewhere.

Deda dance classDeda dance class

You love music and dancing. We’ve already got you a load of musical instruments and you use them, quite correctly actually. You make music, well your kind of music, and you get pretty loud! Since way before you could walk you’ve loved music and moving to it. So when I discovered dance classes for toddlers I knew I had to take you. You’re loving the classes, and you’re getting better and better at copying dance moves and actions with each class you experience. I’m also very proud of how you properly return dance props at the end of activities. You’re also singing loads, and not just the Paw Patrol theme, we’ve also sang Let it Go and of course PPAP with you several times. And then there’s the “jouzu” dance walk, you do over a line of cars or figurines, back and forth and it’s just adorable.

Setsubun in the parkSetsubun in the park

We celebrated three holidays this past month and all of them belatedly. Oh well, better late than never. First up was Japanese Setsubun. We were supposed to celebrate that on February 3rd, but we did it more than three weeks later. It involves throwing around lots of roasted soy beans so we did it in the park instead of at home. You’re supposed to eat at least your age in beans for good luck. You ate a lot of beans, so you’re going to be quite lucky this year. You also threw quite a few beans in the direction of our “oni” (papa with a demon mask).

Carnaval at the mallSt. Patrick's Day at Diletto

Then we had our little version of Carnaval a week late. Dutchies and Italians celebrate Carnaval and in the UK they do Pancake Tuesday, so we combined it for our version. We dressed you and your friends up in costumes and took you out for pancakes and ice cream. We also celebrated St. Patrick’s Day with our Irish friends, only 3 days late for this holiday. By dressing you and your friends up in green, waving Irish flags, and eating more sweets.

97 Weeks Old98 Weeks Old99 Weeks Old100 Weeks Old


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