Babel Weekly – 48

48 Weeks Old

You turned 48 weeks during Easter weekend. We didn’t celebrate this holiday like I imagined last year, because we were busy moving house. It’s okay because you’re still too young for chocolate and to even realize it’s Easter. Next year, I hope to make Easter a bigger deal and start some eggy family traditions.

You turned 11 months on the day we moved from Buxton to Derby. It’s hard to fathom you’re almost a year old. You’re about to enter toddlerhood and you will no longer be our baby. These days you look more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. It’s getting harder to take these photos as well, as you don’t want to lie down on your back anymore. You want to crawl away and explore, you don’t care about posing for weekly and monthly photos. I really hope we make it to a full year though!

11 Months Old

Babel's Buxton Health Visitor Tamsin

During our last week in Buxton your Health Visitor Tamsin paid us one last visit. We went through several questionnaires and were reassured that you are right on track with your development.

11.76 kg and 77cm

You haven’t gained much weight over the last 4 months, currently you are still 11.76 kg, like last month, and you’ve grown a bit taller. Tamsin wrote down 77 in your red book, but as you can see you were fighting getting measured and I suspect the reading was off. When you stand next to the turquoise trolley, which is 77.5 cm tall, it’s clear you’re not 77 cm yet. My guess for now is 75 cm.

Head Measuring

Your head circumference is 49 cm. Yep, your head is huge, just like daddy’s, so we know where you got that from.

Cart Pushing

You love to stand and even walk with the trolley when someone pushes it forward. When it’s just you playing you like to let go of whatever is supporting you and just stand around, learning how to balance on your little legs.

Last time Buxton Swing

Oma was here during our last week in Buxton, which meant lots of playing time with her while I was packing our countless belongings for the big move.

Bye Landlord Debbie

The most awesome landlord we’ve ever had, came over one more time just to get some cuddles from you and a picture with you before we moved out the next day.

Koteras & their stuff

It’s hard to believe the amount of stuff we’ve gathered in the last 2.5 years in England and even more amazing the amount you have gathered in less than a year (or rather we have gathered for you). It almost didn’t fit in the moving truck behind us in the photo above.

Crawling through and empty living room

Living on the third floor, it was really nice to have movers come over and carry everything downstairs to the truck while we took care of you in an apartment growing emptier by the minute.

Helping sort the hangers

It took three movers four hours to get everything down and take apart most of our furniture. It took them half that time to put everything into our new house and reassemble the furniture. Of course, you helped a lot too.

Ice cream!

Babel-Led Weaning: You’re eating well these days, it’s so much fun to watch. It’s also really messy because you feed yourself but that’s half the fun. As we had to empty our fridge and freezer during our last week the ice creams I made you a few months ago resurfaced. You were absolutely not interested in them back then, so I never offered them again until this last week. You loved them! You finished both the Greek yogurt with blue berries and the apple-mango puree popsicles. I will have to make you some more in the new house.


6 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 48

    • I have no idea where all that hair came from so quickly, but I love it! Although, the monk phase is cute too.
      Yeah, it’s nuts the mountain of stuff we’ll need to get rid of when we leave this country in a few years.

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