Babel Weekly – 47

47 Weeks Old

Your last week as a 10-month old and we’re back in England. We spent most of your 47th week in Japan and thankfully after being ill you were back to the old Babel. You were a lively, outgoing, happy and active little monkey. You loved spending time with each and everyone, and of course they all loved spending time with you. It was quite sad to go back home, but we have an amazing time with your family in Japan to look back on.

Station feetOn the train again

Papa and I got to take you on the train once more and you really enjoyed watching the view from the moving train.

Going up Umeda Sky Building!

One place we were really wanting to take you was the top of Umeda Sky Building. After so many plans got canceled, due to all three of us getting ill, this became the only must on our list. When we got married in 2009 we registered this building as our official address for our family registry.

Still there!

We knew we were leaving the country and the apartment we were living in at the time, and the only thing we were leaving behind was a little pink heart lock (engraved with our marriage date and names) on top of Umeda Sky Building.

Babel checking out our heart lock

When we hung the heart lock more than 6 years ago, we imagined coming back there someday with our children. As expected, the lock is still there (we already checked back in 2014, and uncle Djamo also checked in 2015) and we were so happy we got to show it to you, our first child. And you were awake for it too! We hope to get a photo like this with your future sibling as well.

Koteras & Osaka from above

We also had fun showing you Osaka from above, on top of very windy Umeda Sky Building.

Babel & Glico ManBabel and Mama in Namba, Osaka.

Since you never got to see Disneyland’s bright lights and colors, we took you to Namba’s Dotonbori. Lots of lights, colors, smells, people and interesting things to see there. But of course you were asleep for most of it. But don’t worry, we’ll take you here again someday. We did manage to get a few nice photos with Namba’s famous Glico Man while you were awake.

Eating the MicFirst Time Karaoke

We also managed to take you to karaoke! You love music and we watch music video clips daily at home. You definitely have your favorites and it was fun to sing those at karaoke with you.

Best Way to Karaoke

Or rather we sang, and you wiggled, hummed along and mostly ate the microphones.

Samba Man

Then later in the week we went to karaoke again with Opa and Oma, and you got to make some music.

Opa Singing to BabelKaraoke Fun

Opa and Oma enjoyed singing Japanese kids songs to you. Your favorite Japanese song is probably Oni No Pantsu, we often sing it to you (even Mama) and watch it on Youtube.

First time in a grocery cart

Something else new you got to do this week was ride grocery carts. When we go shopping in England you’re always in the Ergo Carrier, so I’ve never put you in a grocery cart seat before. It was a fun new experience for you.

Grocery Cart Car

At one store you even got to ride a grocery cart car! That one you really enjoyed, it even had a squeaky honking button. If only you could ride that thing everyday.

Soon-to-be Birthday Boys

We also stayed a night at Opa and Oma’s cottage in the mountain where we celebrated Opa and your upcoming birthdays.


You know what you’ve started doing this week? Standing by yourself, without holding anything or anyone. You usually do when you are so focused on eating something and you don’t even realize that you’ve let go of whatever was supporting your standing. I think the longest you’ve managed to stand by yourself was about 10 seconds so far, and we’re all really proud and excited of course.

Eating Slice of Konbini PanEating Tonkatsu

Your eating has developed into something else as well. For a while already, you were no longer just playing and tasting, you were actually eating bits here and there, but now you eat loads! Old favorites, include apple, bread and meat. You had some tasty tonkatsu (fried pork cutlet) in Japan, new favorites include mikan (Japanese tangerines) and strawberries.

Potatoes for DinnerEating Sweet Potato

On your last night in Japan you ate 7 huge strawberries in a row, and you’d already eaten some banana. You’re not really into rice, but you love little rice cakes. You love, love, love potatoes. Regular and sweet potatoes keep disappearing into your mouth.


After nearly three weeks of family time we had to say goodbye to all your family members. It was sad, but we’re so glad we came all the way to Japan and you all got to meet each other.

Saying Goodbye to Oma & Opa

Opa and Oma took us to the airport and it made me really sad that you had no idea that in a few moments these two people that you love spending time with would not be there anymore. For all you know they were just going to the toilet for a moment and would be back soon. We really hope they’ll visit us in Derby later this year.

Looking out the window

The flights back went pretty well, you slept much more than last time. I even got to watch two movies. And thankfully, the rest of the time you were happy. We traveled for more than 20 hours and you were a little champ! So different than when we returned from the Netherlands.

Oma is Back in Buxton

Now we’re back in England, and we’re moving home on Friday! So Mama is pretty busy getting ready, but that’s okay because Oma from the Netherlands is here for some quality cuddle time with you!


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