Boys or Girls or Both


This question has been on our minds for many weeks now. We had hoped to find out last week at our 16 week scan, but the doctor moved our appointment to this week. We really hope she will be able to see which of these four scenarios is true for us. We are so curious.

“Wow, looks crowded!” is what Yasu said when I showed him this graphic. Indeed, there sure are a lot more babies in this one than the one I made when I was pregnant with Babel. I hope the triplets will reveal the secret of their genders tomorrow, because there’s probably a good chance they’ll block the view for the doctor is some way. It is getting pretty crowded in my uterus after all.

When I was pregnant with Babel I was hoping for a girl, but the night before the scan I dreamed it was a boy. So during the actual scan I was very certain he was a boy. I wonder if my dream tonight will predict the genders of the triplets correctly. Babel has been saying it’s two boys and one girl for weeks. He reasons one boy for Babel, one boy for Papa, and one girl for Mama. Makes sense to me.

We’ve had scans at 11 and 12 weeks, and all three babies were looking good and growing well. They were about the same size and all their little hearts were working. Starting tomorrow we’ll have ultrasound scans every two weeks until the babies are born. They are due August 14th, but the doctor informed me that they’ll be delivered by caesarean at latest by week 36. So if I can keep them cooking in here for as long as possible, these babies will be born in July.

I have been feeling the babies move more and more. It started about two weeks ago I think. It felt like faint rumbles, tiny internal earthquakes, and I wasn’t 100% sure it was actually the babies. But this past week, I have been feeling internal pressure more clearly a few times, and this evening while nursing Babel to sleep, I definitely felt the babies kick, it felt like tiny soft pushes from inside. What it used to feel like with Babel, just a lot smaller and softer.

I can’t wait for Babel and Yasu to be able to feel the babies. Babel is very aware of the babies and a while ago he started talking to them and kissing my belly. It pleasantly surprised me, especially since no one had demonstrated this to him. Yasu has joined in on the belly talk and it will be so awesome when they can feel the babies react to their voices someday in the future.

Tomorrow, first and foremost, I hope to hear they’re all still growing equally well. Then, I hope they’ll let us have a peek at their genders, and that there is a mixture. I would love a brother for Babel and since we’re having three babies, I would love it if at least one of them is a girl.

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