Triplets Gender Reveal

Triplets - Two Boys One Girl

I had no predictive dream the night before the scan, but I do have a son who correctly predicted the genders of the triplets weeks ago! That’s right, we’re having two boys and one girl. When I told Babel the result of the scan he didn’t seem impressed at all. I wasn’t telling him anything new after all.

The girl’s gender was revealed first to us during the scan. Yasu and I were so happy to find out that we’re having a daughter! It also suddenly made me a bit afraid that the other two were also girls, as I am not sure I could have handled three girls. Since the other two are identical twins, the doctor only had to check gender on one of them and we were super happy to hear that that was a boy! Babel is going to have a brother, well two brothers, and I get to have a daughter, well not just me Yasu too. We feel so lucky and so happy.

All babies are growing well. The little girl was 193 grams at the time of the scan, and the boys were 210 and 219 grams. Their hearts all look structurally well and beating fast, length of bones are correct. They’re all moving and waving their arms and legs around constantly. The advice was “keep doing whatever it is you’re doing, because the triplets are doing great.”

When we were first pregnant, and I thought it was just one baby, the idea of a gender reveal party appealed to me. Having triplets though, we decided we wanted to find out together during the scan. This was quite disappointing for one of our friends who was very excited about a gender reveal party. So we kept the genders a secret for a few friends and had Babel pop some balloons to surprise them at a little get together over the weekend. It was really fun!

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