Babel Monthly – 20

20 Months Old

You’re not exactly 20 months yet until Christmas Day, but since we’re traveling to the Netherlands tomorrow I’m a few days early this month. You haven’t gained any weight in the past two months, but you have grown 2.5 cm. A new molar is coming through on the bottom left. You love pears, and still love bananas. Your hair is getting pretty long, especially in the back. I don’t know how long you’ve been doing it by now, as I haven’t blogged about it before, but you like to pull and twist on your hair for comfort. Especially when you’re nursing (which is much better than you pulling my hair, since that’s painful), but I’ve seen you do it while watching TV as well. I also often see it as a sign that you’re getting tired. Just like that sweaty crown around your head that appears when you get sleepy.

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Babel Monthly – 19

19 Months Old

You’ve not been well. In total you were probably sick for about 5 weeks. Then thankfully  you were better and happy for 2 weeks. But this morning, on your 19 month birthday, you threw up again and had two major diarrhetic poosplosions – aren’t details the best?! Now, it’s evening and you seem to be over it, so I guess it was  just a one-day stomach bug. I hope.

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Dear Babel – By Dad

Papa & Babel at the farm

Dear Babel,

Happy 1.5th birthday! I know you think Mommy and Daddy are just too happy to celebrate you every minute, but that’s what we feel. Your first life stage was in Buxton, then you turned 1 year old in Derby. You learn and grow so fast, every time you show us something new you can do, it just makes us happiest. You are constantly renewing our happiest record :).

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Babel Monthly – 18

One and a half year! You have a superpower. Well, at least you seem to think so. Whenever Papa comes at you pretending to be an attacking zombie you blow short and loud raspberries with your mouth. These raspberries (sometimes ‘achoo’ sounds are thrown in the mix as well) always makes the Papa-zombie back up or jump back. So it seems like you do have a zombie-fighting superpower.

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Thanks, uncle Djamo!


A couple of weeks ago, uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin came to visit with some exciting news. Uncle Djamo scored himself a job, as a math teacher at an American school in Kuwait! It was hot, the park’s paddle pool was still open and uncle Djamo brought his camera.

We had a very excited day in the park, with Djamo the paparazzo taking photos and Djamo the teacher excitedly telling us all about Kuwait. I ended up with beautiful summer photos of Babel in the pool and park. Djamo ended up officially accepting the job offer and signing his contract here in Derby with us.

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