Babel Weekly – 48

48 Weeks Old

You turned 48 weeks during Easter weekend. We didn’t celebrate this holiday like I imagined last year, because we were busy moving house. It’s okay because you’re still too young for chocolate and to even realize it’s Easter. Next year, I hope to make Easter a bigger deal and start some eggy family traditions.

You turned 11 months on the day we moved from Buxton to Derby. It’s hard to fathom you’re almost a year old. You’re about to enter toddlerhood and you will no longer be our baby. These days you look more and more like a little boy and less and less like a baby. It’s getting harder to take these photos as well, as you don’t want to lie down on your back anymore. You want to crawl away and explore, you don’t care about posing for weekly and monthly photos. I really hope we make it to a full year though!

11 Months Old

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Babel Weekly – 44

44 Weeks Old

You are 44 weeks today and your second tooth is coming through… Ouch for mommy, as you continue to bite me after feeds, but you smile so mischievously cute afterwards, it’s hard to be stern. You have also passed the 10 month line, two days ago. Wow, you’re into the double digits now. I’m sure that the last two months of your first year will fly by, with our trip to Japan and our move to Derby.

10 Months Old

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Babel Weekly – 43

43 Weeks Old

You didn’t have the best week. It started with a very restless night. You had a fever, a weird overnight rash, an inability to sleep, during the day you had inconsolable crying bouts, and what worried me most was your utter refusal to nurse. That made me feel desperate and scared.

At some point we realized your gums must have been hurting from teething, and that could explain everything (except the rash). So we went to the pharmacy to get you some teething gel. I asked the pharmacist if he could identify your rash and possibly recommend a cream. All he did was ask if you also had a fever and whether you were not eating. As both answers were yes, he told us to take a taxi and go straight to the hospital’s walk-in clinic. Slightly panicked, we headed home to get your carseat and diaper bag and jumped in a taxi to the hospital.

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Babel Weekly – 42

42 Weeks Old

You’ve had a busy 42nd week of life, dear Babel. You learned how to crawl forward, how to tentatively cruise the furniture, and finally at 9.5 months how to roll from back to front! I think normal baby learning order is something like: roll from back to front – sit up – crawl forward – stand up – cruise. You did it all out of order: sit up – stand up – cruise – crawl forward – roll from back to front. Before you could crawl forwards, you did get around by bum scooting and by crawling/moving backwards. The only thing we ever tried to teach you and helped you practice was rolling from back to front. We especially did that a lot after you first rolled from front to back, many months ago. All the other things you taught yourself and totally surprised us with, while we were still waiting for that forward roll. You definitely do things your own way and in your own time. So no more pressure from us, just keep doing what you do!

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Babel Weekly – 40

40 Weeks Old

40 weeks old, wow! And yes, that also makes you nine months old. In three months we’ll be celebrating your first birthday, it’s hard to believe. I have been looking at some old photos and videos of you as a newborn and oh my gosh you’ve changed so very much. Officially, you’re still a baby, but when I see those videos, I wonder where my baby has gone. Thankfully, you haven’t lost any of your cuteness and we still think you are the most adorable thing on earth. Our love for you only grows by the day.

9 Months Old!

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