Babel is Two – Dinosaur Party Fun

Unwrapping presents

It’s not a party without some fun activities for you and your little friends. For weeks, I searched the internet for ideas for toddler activities that I could give a dinosaur twist. I knew you guys are still too young for anything that would involve patiently waiting turns or winners and losers. The obvious activities for a birthday party, eating cake and unwrapping presents, kept you all entertained for a long while, but you guys enjoyed a lot more dinosaur fun at the party.

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Babel is Two – Yearly Photo

Babel is Two - Yearly Photo

Last year, uncle Djamo took a photo of the three of us holding a photo canvas of the three of us in the hospital, moments after you were born. This year, uncle Djamo took another photo of us holding a canvas with that photo we took last year.

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Babel is Two – Birthday Cake & Candles

Blowing out birthday candles

Last year, you needed some help blowing out the candle on a cupcake version of your birthday cake. This year, I knew you would be able to blow out the candles. You even tried blowing out Robin’s birthday candles a few months ago. So on your second birthday in Japan, when you were first presented with a cake and candles I was very excited to see you blow out your candles. You were about to blow, but then Opa, wanting to help you, did it for you. I shrieked “no” and insisted the candles be lit again to let you have a go, and you did it! We all clapped and cheered, and so did you.

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Babel is Two – Dinosaur Party

Babel is Two!

You turned two when we were in Japan, and we celebrated by going to the Anpanman Museum with Opa, Oma, and your great aunt Akiko. We even got to take a photo with Anpanman himself, so it was a pretty memorable second birthday with your Japanesies. Your first birthday we had a little party, slightly dinosaur themed, at home in the UK and we celebrated with your Dutchies and aunt Yasmin. This year, I also wanted to throw you a birthday party. This time a party for you and your little friends. Continue reading

Oma in Derby


When we lived in Buxton, Oma used to visit every month. But, this month was only Oma’s second visit since we moved to Derby. Her first was for Babel’s birthday, so it had been almost 4 months. Oma really missed Babel and was very happy to finally see him again in real life.

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Babel Monthly – 14

14 Months Old

This past weekend you turned 14 months old, you have some scars on your face but you’re fine otherwise. Life in the Kotera house is still completely baby-led, which works great for our little family. You breastfeed around the clock, and you eat a lot of solid food. You enjoy trying new foods and eating old favorites. You’re still loving frozen grapes and flavored rice cakes. You’ve recently discovered a love of cherries, and you seem to like the green vegetable and fruit juices I’ve been juicing up for us.

At night, we all sleep together in the family bed, which is cosy and convenient for night feeds. You usually sleep from midnight until about 10 or 11 in the morning and do one big nap during the day. You still prefer napping on top of mama, so after I feed you to sleep in the afternoon, I just carry you around in the Ergo. Sometimes I lay you down on a pile of blankets on the floor, but then your naps only last about 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

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