To Our Little One – By Yasu

Daddy and BellyDaddy and BellyDaddy and Belly

Dear ‘Aka-chan’ [baby in Japanese],

It is a great time to write how I feel about having you in this world since Mommy has started to wobble and tell me that she feels pain in any movement.

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Attending a University Graduation as Faculty – By Yasu

Master Yasu Looking Sharp

For some reason, University of Derby has graduation ceremonies in January. Because there are so many departments and graduates, the ceremonies have been taking place all week. The programmes I’m in charge of are Counselling-related, and were awarded on the last day.

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Dinner with Dave and LiWen – By Yasu

15th Aug, one of the resource persons in the training, Dave took me to an Italian restaurant that are relatively close to Hilton Garden Inn Burlingame. It is called North Beach Pizza.

After the training, Dave went home to pick up his wife, LiWen and came back to the hotel again to pick me up. We discussed a little in a car then decided to go to North Beach Pizza. Their decision was absolutely correct. A pizza we had was really delicious and we all really enjoyed it.

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Sushi with Larry – By Yasu

12th Aug, Larry, one of my seminar-friends took me to a Japanese sushi restaurant called “Naomisushi”. I really like to go out in the evening of the training day because it feels like I spend two days in one day.

Larry has worked in Japan for a couple of years. He has been to Hokkaido, Tokyo or etc. He really likes the way Japanese work. Japanese make promises and pursue goals hard. I do not support all aspects of Japanese work style but what he says totally makes sense and that is what I like about it.

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Golden Gate Bridge at Night – By Yasu

11th Aug, it is my girlfriend birthday! As it is her lucky day, she gave me a luck too. I got a chance to see The Golden Gate Bridge in the dark even though it was a normal seminar day. Everything started from my seminar-friend, my great friend, Cathy’s offer. Since she lives in SF, she took Inhwa (from Korea), Milt (from Michigan) and me to downtown SF and The Golden Gate Bridge.

Inhwa, Milt, Me, Cathy

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Trish’s house – By Yasu

After the training on 4th August, Trish, one of my seminar-friends took Richard, unthinkably funny Dutch guy and me to her house and downtown of SF. Trish used to live in SF and now she lives in Oregon with her husband. She knows a lot about health and nutrition. “Health” has been always one of the biggest people’s concerns but here in the states, it looks more than that of Japan.

Anyway, Richard , UFDG (unthinkably funny Dutch guy), is funny and pretty smart. He has long experience of NLP and knows a lot about it. And he invest that wisdom into hypnotizing girls.

As soon as we got to Trish’s house, we met her mother Cathy. She was not in good condition then but kindly came to the living room to welcome UFDG and me.

Then we enjoyed a beautiful view of SF from the living room. Here are pictures of it;

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