To Berber


A little less than a week ago, we lost you, our unborn baby. You were an ectopic pregnancy. You tried to grow in my fallopian tube, which burst the tube. To save my life they removed you, my right fallopian tube, and my right ovary, in an emergency surgery. The day they ended your pregnancy, Thursday the 26th of July, your gestational age was 5 weeks and 5 days. In this short time, you already went through several stages of growth and nearly became the size of a lentil seed (5mm), like the one I am holding on the top of my pinky finger in the photo above.

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Babel Birth Announcement

We’ve named our little baby boy: Babel (pronounced “BAH-buhl”).

“Babel” means a confused mixture of sounds and voices, especially in different languages. It originates from the ‘Tower of Babel’ in the Bible, a tower built in an attempt to reach heaven. God made the builders all speak different languages in an effort to confuse them and stop them from finishing the tower to reach heaven. He wanted to enforce his command for humanity to spread throughout the entire world instead.

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Little One Loading: 100% Complete

41 Weeks Pregnant

One week after my due date, at exactly 41 weeks pregnant, our little one was finally born! I’m posting this quite a bit later, because as you can imagine I was a tad busy that day and the days after. Actually, I still am and I’m sure he’ll keep me busy forever. As a proud mama, I want to share my beautiful baby with the world, so I have been posting lots of updates and photos on Instagram and Facebook with my iPhone. I don’t really have time to respond to everyone’s individual congratulatory messages and questions yet, so thank goodness for social media keeping everyone up-to-date at once. Baby’s out for a walk in the park now with his oma [Dutch for grandma], oom [Dutch for uncle] Djamo and tante [Dutch for aunt] Yasmin, so I quickly jumped behind my computer to write this last post in the Little One Loading series.

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Little One Loading: 97.5% Complete

39 Weeks Pregnant

I’m due in one week!!!! Aaaaah! I’m going to be a mommy, very soon. I had my last antenatal appointment this week at the doctor’s office. Everything was fine, even though I have been having quite some¬†swelling in my hands and feet in the last few weeks. I was worried it could have been pre-eclampsia signs, but my urine and blood pressure were fine as always, so nothing out of the ordinary pregnancy wise. Swelling is normal in the last few weeks and the weather has also been quite warm this month, which also contributes to the swelling. Baby is still head down and dropped down ready for delivery. His heart beat is still strong and so is the pain in my pelvis making it hard for me to get around. Sleeping has become quite uncomfortable lately as well. I used to be a big fan of sleeping, my favorite position is on my belly, which obviously won’t do now. Now, I try to sleep on my sides and it’s not easy, and then I have to get up and out of the bed a few times each night to go to the toilet and with a baby deep in your pelvis that’s no easy feat, at all.

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Little One Loading: 95% Complete

38 Weeks Pregnant

I’m now 8.5 months pregnant! It’s hard to believe, time has flown and now baby is due in exactly 2 weeks. Wow. Actually, he may not be that patient. Baby dropped down into my pelvis and has been engaged for more than two weeks now, and I haven’t been able to properly walk and move about ever since. I have also been having recurring belly cramps in the morning for two days now… They go later in the day, so I don’t think we’re there yet and it’s just my body getting ready for labor. But who knows, he could be ready to meet us anytime now. Today, tomorrow, next week? We’ll find out soon enough. I’m sure.

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