Ice cream


We’ve delayed giving Babel refined sugar and salt for a long time. He still hardly gets any, but he has had his first ice cream this summer! And his second, third, and fourth. Continue reading


Babel Monthly – 14

14 Months Old

This past weekend you turned 14 months old, you have some scars on your face but you’re fine otherwise. Life in the Kotera house is still completely baby-led, which works great for our little family. You breastfeed around the clock, and you eat a lot of solid food. You enjoy trying new foods and eating old favorites. You’re still loving frozen grapes and flavored rice cakes. You’ve recently discovered a love of cherries, and you seem to like the green vegetable and fruit juices I’ve been juicing up for us.

At night, we all sleep together in the family bed, which is cosy and convenient for night feeds. You usually sleep from midnight until about 10 or 11 in the morning and do one big nap during the day. You still prefer napping on top of mama, so after I feed you to sleep in the afternoon, I just carry you around in the Ergo. Sometimes I lay you down on a pile of blankets on the floor, but then your naps only last about 30 minutes instead of 2 hours.

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Babel Weekly – 52

52 Weeks Old

This was the last week of the first year of your life, and you will turn one year old tomorrow! What?! Your baby time will be over and you will enter toddlerhood. Gosh, that went quickly. This was the best year of our life and we’re looking forward to all the coming years with you. You are the best thing we ever did.

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