Fall of Babel


We were hoping to conceive a rainbow baby this fall. We really want you to have a sibling and we really want the pleasure of raising another wonderful child like you. We had a lot of travel plans for this fall and winter, but we canceled everything except one November trip to the Netherlands. I was too scared to try for a baby and end up with another ruptured ectopic while traveling. We needed to wait a few months for my body to recover from the surgery, and we waited one extra month because of our trip to visit Oma Lia.


After that, during our first cycle of trying, with just one ovary and just one fallopian tube, we naturally conceived triplets! Our spontaneous rainbow triplets consist of monozygotic twins and dizygotic twins. So my one ovary released two eggs at the same time, both got fertilized and one of them split into two embryos. So after losing Berber we were hoping to add a third baby to our family, instead we’re adding three new babies to our family!

Honestly, it was quite a shock, but we’re starting to get used to it little by little. Like Papa says: “our life is always interesting!” And you look at it this way: “One baby for Mama, one baby for Papa, and one baby for Babel.”


You’ve just finished a whole term at preschool, and it was a great success. It was a bit hard in the beginning, which is normal, but soon you loved going to nursery. Having photos of you and me in your pocket gave you comfort for a while but now you don’t need anything. You are excited to go, you always have fun there, you love the teachers especially your key teacher, and there’s even another half Japanese boy for you to play with.

Everyday when I pick you up I ask you what you did at nursery, your standard answer is “ik weet dat niet” [🇳🇱 I don’t know]. Luckily, your nursery teachers share photos in an online app, so we can see how you’re enjoying preschool. And sometimes we’re lucky and you actually tell us yourself what you’ve been up to at nursery. They also organize quite a few events for parents to take part in, and Papa and I have really enjoyed these with you.

Since starting nursery you need to get up at 07:30 everyday, so we go to bed around 19:30 everyday. Usually, you fall asleep pretty quickly after a story (yes you are finally interested in being read to) and some milk. When you’re asleep I leave the bed and go do something in the living room until you start crying in your sleep for more milk. Or sometimes you suddenly appear in the living room with hair like a lion’s mane, looking for me. Either way you usually go back to sleep easily, giving me a nice amount of time to enjoy by myself in the evening. It’s been really nice, but I guess I shouldn’t get too used to all this new me-time with newborn triplets coming in the summer.

This nursery is really great and it’s a bit sad you only get to go there for one year. In September it’ll be time for elementary school! We’ve already had to apply for a place for you and in April we will find out which school you get to go to.

You are obsessed with drawing and writing. You spend hours drawing at nursery and at home. The amount of paper we go through is ridiculous. You also love writing letters and are very good at writing your name and a few other basic things like Mama, Papa and Oma. In the beginning you mirrored a few letters or wrote stuff out of order, but you’re getting really good and quick at it now. You wrote your name on all our Christmas cards.

You love numbers. You definitely know your age is three and that you will turn four on your next birthday. You understand that the number of babies in my belly is three. A while ago, you started telling me that one and two was three, two and two was four, and two and three was five. You can’t really count further than five yet, so when I asked what three and three was you didn’t know the answer, but you could show me on your fingers. You really love counting numbers on your fingers and exploring numbers with simple additions like that.

You love sticking tape on everything and everywhere. You can entertain yourself with a pair of scissors and a roll of tape for hours. We usually do end up with a ‘decorated’ wall, or chair, table, or something like that. You also love cutting paper and folding and sticking it together with tape again. Then you hand the end result to one of us and tell us it’s our surprise from you. You love surprises! Especially receiving a present and then taking the paper off and going “wow” when you find out what’s inside.

You still love dancing, and have been enjoying your Saturday hip hop classes. You often show us moves you’ve learned in class, and at the end of the year, we even got to see you do a little dance performance, which was amazing! You love dancing and singing along to Latin music on YouTube. You’re getting good at remembering lyrics and singing along to music, a current favorite is “I Miss You All Time” by OAR. You also love the “Just Dance” game on the Nintendo Switch. Your favorite dance on there is the Halloween one with a dancing bat, pumpkin, with and ghost.

You love playing the chasing game with Papa. Either one of you pretends to be a monster and the other screams and runs away. Most of the time Papa is the monster and apparently the best place to hide from him is under my skirt. You’re always hiding under my skirt. Which is fine when we’re home and I’m doing the dishes but you lifting my skirt and climbing under it looks a bit odd when we’re out and about.

Your favorite holiday of the year has to be Halloween. You love ghosts, pumpkins, skeletons and of course trick or treating. We did loads of Halloween crafts including carving pumpkins and on Halloween day we dressed up as skeletons and went trick or treating in the mall and in the Halloween-crazy neighborhood near our old house. It was pretty amazing and you collecting so much candy.

To celebrate Sinterklaas we went to the Netherlands. We watched Sinterklaas and his Pieten arrive on the steamboat on TV. Oma Lia took you to town to meet Sinterklaas and the Zwarte Pieten. You put your shoe out at night, so that Sinterklaas could leave you a present. The most exciting was the Sinterklaas theater show, starring Party Piet Pablo from YouTube. You were very happy to take a picture with him after the show.

For Christmas I had lots of crafty activities planned for you, but not much came of it, because I was simply too tired due to pregnancy. We did decorate the tree, hung some stockings and of course Santa visited our house and left you several surprises. We also went to see you sing Christmas carols at nursery, which was amazing. You love singing “When the Robots Came for Dinner”, “Jingle Bells”, “Christmas Pudding”, and “We Wish You a Merry Christmas”.

You love cooking and baking. You and Papa started making a few things for SweetStatistics instead of just reviewing restaurant food, and you’ve loved it so far! You’ve also done some baking at nursery and I’ve joined you making jam tarts there, which was a lot of fun. You’ve developed a love of rolling pins and cookie cutters, which you enjoy with play dough or sometimes with real dough.

Every evening when I am cooking dinner, you ask me: “Do you need my help, Mama?” Of course, I do. I try to let you do as many things as possible, like cutting, mixing and putting in ingredients. It keeps you entertained while I’m cooking and you feel like you cooked dinner as well.

You’re making some progress in the toileting department. You’ve always been interested in seeing people using the toilet. One time recently you told Papa: “I want to see you poop!” This fall you’ve been going to nursery and lots of of your preschool mates go for a “wee wee” on the toilet. One time at home you announced “I need a wee wee” and went for a little pee on your Thomas toilet.

This month, we’ve been to two parties at your friends’ houses and both times you ended up doing a poo on their toilet. Both times Lea was there to accompany you and us adults were not allowed in the bathroom until you were done. We’re not training you, we’re planning to wait for you to be ready to make the change from diaper to toilet. It seems you’re heading that way, but with the triplets coming this summer, we might have to help you speed up the process if it doesn’t happen within the next few months.

You love dressing yourself. You want to do it all yourself. Taking off your clothes and diaper, putting back on a new diaper and clothes. Putting on your jacket and shoes and taking it all off again. Zipping up your jacket, putting on your gloves, you want to do it all, and most of it goes pretty smoothly.

A few times, we found you’d completely undressed yourself and were watching TV on the couch, comfortable in your naked bum. We didn’t mind too much, until you also peed on the couch recently, which was a hassle to clean up. So if we find you naked again someday soon, we will have to make you put your clothes back on.

You’ve been coughing for weeks on end, and you always put a hand in front of your mouth. You’re very proud of that and always want to make sure I see you do it. If I cough and forget to put my hand in front of my mouth, you will always tell me off. You are so correct.

We hit our head on the slanted ceiling in our apartment a LOT (especially me), and when that happens you will always sent a kiss our way to heal us. Quickly followed with advice on how to prevent this the next time. You show us how to bow our head down and say “look, do like this Mama” or “like this, like this”. You would think I would have learned my lesson by now, but I keep boinking my head at least daily.

You seem to be very concerned with our happiness; you ask us all the time if we are happy. We will be doing something, playing legos, putting on your shoes, watching TV, anything, and you will ask: “Are you happy?” Whenever you’re unhappy, angry or upset, you want melkies, and when you’re done nursing you will usually announce: “Babel is happy now.”

I love your little kid logic. You apply it to everything. You know juice comes from the juicer or juice machine as you seemed to think it was called. Well, shirts come out of the dryer, so you call that the shirt machine. You often hear adverbs ending in -y, like “slowly” and “quickly”, so you seemed to think that was the general rule and would say things like “my hands are wetty”. We always simply correct you and now you don’t make these mistakes anymore.

Also, your English soared this last season because of going to nursery everyday, it’s really your first language now. You still speak Japanese and Dutch and have no problem switching between your languages. But these days, the first language that comes to your mind is usually English.

Sometimes these days you’re a real Mr. Crankypants. Then you often snap at us and say something like: “Don’t be funny!” Or “Don’t do funny things!” Which basically means we’re annoying you in some way, even though we’re not doing anything special. I don’t really like that.

At other times, you will think one of us is being funny in the actual sense of the word, and you will observe us and then tell us matter-of-factly: “You’re funny.” I do like that!

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  1. Babel, you have been growing a lot, especially your English language! I am also aware that your social skills have grown a lot; you know what others may feel, which is really useful when you take care of 3 younger siblings!

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