Babel is Three


You are three! You speak a lot, in three different languages. You eat a lot. You run a lot. You laugh a lot. You sing a lot. You dance a lot. You sleep a lot. You nurse everyday and night, but not a lot, not anymore. Milkies is still your source of comfort when you are tired, hurt or upset, but it’s no longer your main source of nutrition. You are growing up, you are a boy, no longer a baby. You are amazing and our constant source of awe and joy. We are so lucky to get to spend our lives with you.

Christmas used to be the biggest event of the year, with all the decorating and prepping for weeks before the party. Since you’ve been born, that certainly is not the case anymore, we hardly even celebrate Christmas. Now, the event of the year is absolutely your birthday. And this year, I have spent a record amount of time and effort into the planning and prepping of your birthday party. It got a bit hectic near the end too because we suddenly had to find a new place to live and that took up lots of precious party prepping time.

Still, I managed to realize most of my party plans, with lots of help from your Papa. I also learned some lessons for future party prepping, mostly about what not to do next time. Like your first and second birthday party, your third birthday party took place in our Derby town house. We’re moving at the end of this month, so next year will definitely be different.


This year the theme of your party was Thomas and Friends. Of course. I made the same birthday cake as last year, a fluffy Japanese cheesecake that gets baked in a bath of water. Weird, but everyone loved it last year and also this year.


I made simple train costumes for the party. You and friends got to be either Thomas,  James, or Percy and run around the courtyard chasing each other. Yes, I am aware they all had the wrong numbers on their sides, obviously I was honoring your new age.


The most enjoyable piece of party prep was making finger puppets for you and all your friends. It’s been forever since I got to sew, and I loved making a lot, a lot of little trains. The train piñata rewarded you and your friend each with a set of five finger puppets (Thomas and four of his friends).


The past year, you’ve loved making things from Jumping Clay, and you’re very good at it. At your party, you and I got to teach your friends how to make Thomas from Jumping Clay. They weren’t really into it, but their mommies loved it. As always, the most challenged looking one in the photo is your creation, and obviously my favorite.


You love, or rather you are obsessed with, surprise eggs. You love getting Kinder Eggs at the store and you can watch endless YouTube videos of people opening all kinds of eggs. You always say excitedly: “Wat zit erin? [🇳🇱 What’s in it?] Hmmmm?” You are usually especially impressed with those huge paper mache eggs people make for toys, so I made you one. And I filled it with your birthday presents. You loved it: “Oh wow! Big nice!”

Since none of your friends are in school yet, we got to celebrate your third birthday with your friends on your actual birthday, a Wednesday. I think you knew it was a special day, you got sung to, you got to blow out candles on an actual cake, you got loads of gifts and lots of attention. It was a happy third birthday.


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