Babel is Two – Yearly Photo

Babel is Two - Yearly Photo

Last year, uncle Djamo took a photo of the three of us holding a photo canvas of the three of us in the hospital, moments after you were born. This year, uncle Djamo took another photo of us holding a canvas with that photo we took last year.

Babel is TWO!
Babel is TWO!

Getting this year’s photo was a bit of a challenge. I brought the canvas to Japan because I wanted all yearly photos to be taken on the 25th of April. Your opa tried taking a photo for us, but he’s not quite the photographer your uncle Djamo is. Also, you weren’t much in the mood for photos, as you can see above the ones we took in Japan just weren’t that great.

Dinos and last year's canvas

So I asked uncle Djamo to take this year’s photo at your birthday party. Unfortunately, I don’t think uncle Djamo will be at your third birthday party, since he’s moving to Kuwait this summer. So we’ll need someone else to do it next year.

Babel is Two - Yearly Photo

Even though the one on top of this post is my favorite, this last one is probably the one I’ll use for next year’s canvas. As it will fit a square canvas and it includes the whole of last year’s photo and the original photo.


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