Babel is Two – Dinosaur Party

Babel is Two!

You turned two when we were in Japan, and we celebrated by going to the Anpanman Museum with Opa, Oma, and your great aunt Akiko. We even got to take a photo with Anpanman himself, so it was a pretty memorable second birthday with your Japanesies. Your first birthday we had a little party, slightly dinosaur themed, at home in the UK and we celebrated with your Dutchies and aunt Yasmin. This year, I also wanted to throw you a birthday party. This time a party for you and your little friends.

Babel is Two!

I knew I wanted to do it at home, so I could take my time decorating and preparing snacks and activities. I recycled last year’s theme of dinosaurs, since you really seem to love them now. I used some of last year’s stuff and added a lot of new stuff. My favorite decoration was the huge number 2 made out of balloons on the wall. I really enjoyed putting that together and it looked great, I’m pretty sure I’ll be doing that again.

Dessert table

I started preparing way before we left for Japan and talked about it a lot with your Dutch oma. She wasn’t invited to the party, and she didn’t like the idea of missing all that fun. So she and uncle Gyano (whom you hadn’t seen in real life since your first birthday) decided to come crash the party. They made their plans with uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin, who live in Buxton and who were officially invited, and secretly flew to the UK the night before your party.

Party crashers arrived!

On the morning of the party, Djamo and Yasmin arrived early. Djamo went back to the car to get something he’d forgotten. When he came back up he’d suddenly morphed into Gyano with Oma in tow. That was quite the surprise for your parents! You, of course, had no idea this was not expected. These kind of surprises can be quite confusing, but they’re always really special. So just like last year, this year we got to celebrate your birthday with all your Dutchies and aunt Yasmin.

Waiting for the cake

And of course, the guests of honor, your little toddler friends, Robin, Noah, Lea and Ezra, celebrated with you. And let’s not forget all the dinosaurs!

Dinosaurs in party hats


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