Babel is Two – Dinosaur Activities


It’s not a party without some fun activities for you and your little friends. For weeks, I searched the internet for ideas for toddler activities that I could give a dinosaur twist. I knew you guys are still too young for anything that would involve patiently waiting turns or winners and losers. The obvious activities for a birthday party, eating cake and unwrapping presents, kept you all entertained for a long while, but you guys enjoyed a lot more dinosaur fun at the party.


I prepared a big tub with 4 kilos of dry rice, dinosaur shaped pasta, plastic dinosaurs and lots of colorful dinosaur eggs. There were lots of glittery small ones, and large eggs covered in play-doh, hiding tiny plastic dinosaurs on the inside.

Oh boy, that was a big tub of success! Pouring the rice through your hands, throwing it in the air, pouring it in plastic bottles, collecting the eggs in egg cartons, pouring rice on the floor, eating uncooked pasta, the fun didn’t end.


You all got a plastic bottle to turn into sensory shakers. You decorated the bottles with dinosaur stickers, to make noise you poured in rice and dino pasta, and to make it pretty we added colored dino confetti and the glittery dino eggs.

Then Papa got his guitar out made some music and you all danced and jumped around the room while shaking your new shakers!


After a lot of vacuuming (remember there was 4 kilos of rice) we uncovered the surprise dinosaur eggs and played with the play-doh. The adults used dinosaur cookie cutters to make dinosaurs but you and your friends enjoyed making heaps of colorfully mixed play-doh more.


Then all you tots had your own piece of plaster out of which you were supposed to excavate a dinosaur skeleton with a tiny chisel and brush. But that was quite hard, even for us mommies. We managed it though after a lot of hacking into the plaster and making another mess of concrete dust!


Another clean-up and some dinosaury fruit kabobs later, we got out the huge balloons for an energetic and fun fight! Not just for you tots, but for us adults as well.


And if that wasn’t violent enough, we ended it all with a t-rex piñata. Which you and your friend really enjoyed hitting, but your toddler blows just weren’t doing the trick. So us adults stepped in. Aunt Yasmin and uncle Djamo gave it their best shot: nothing. Then I tried hitting it to pieces: nothing. Then Papa jabbed the stick into the dino’s neck and pulled it open and out came all the candy!


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