Babel is Two – Birthday Cake & Candles

Blowing out birthday candles

Last year, you needed some help blowing out the candle on a cupcake version of your birthday cake. This year, I knew you would be able to blow out the candles. You even tried blowing out Robin’s birthday candles a few months ago. So on your second birthday in Japan, when you were first presented with a cake and candles I was very excited to see you blow out your candles. You were about to blow, but then Opa, wanting to help you, did it for you. I shrieked “no” and insisted the candles be lit again to let you have a go, and you did it! We all clapped and cheered, and so did you.

Happy Birthday to Babel!

Since then, you often sing the ‘Happy Birthday’ song and you always end it with blowing imaginary candles, and many times also the clapping and cheering. So I think it’s quite a happy memory in your brain. So obviously I was very confident you would be able to do it again at your birthday party. And you blew out those candles like a boss!

Blowing out birthday candles

Like last year, I made your birthday cake myself. I am not much of a baker, so last year I used a cake mix and only made the frosting (simply whipped cream) from scratch. This year, I had seen this Japanese cheesecake recipe video online that I wanted to try. Even though, the cake was baked in a bath of hot water, the video somehow made it all seem doable to me. And it was!

Dinosaur cake

I cut the cheesecake into three layers, added whipped cream and sliced strawberries in between and covered the whole tower of cake, cream and fruit in more whipped cream. I found the coolest cake topper online of a sparkly green dinosaur with a ‘two’ on its back!

Eating birthday cake

I made two birthday cakes, one for the adults and one for the kids to go wild on. Maybe even have another cake smash like last year? After the party crashers arrived, I realized I would not have enough cake, so you kids only ended up with half a cake. The five of you all got forks and attacked the cake, but in quite a civilized way. The mess was very minimal, but the enjoyment was maximal.


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