This was already Babel’s second Halloween. This year we got him a costume and we even went trick or treating, twice!

Just like last year we ordered giant pumpkins, but they were actually rather small this year. Oh well, at least that made carving, or more precisely gutting, the pumpkins a lot quicker. They were also the perfect size for Babel to sit on. Babel was a lot more giant compared to last year though. He thought the pumpkins were balls, kept calling them “bal” [Dutch for ‘ball’] and even tried kicking them like a football.

Also just like last year, my mom was here to carve pumpkins with us. This is not something we do in the Netherlands, so this was only her second time. Apparently, she thinks pumpkins are disgusting, and didn’t remember requesting (just a few weeks ago) to do this again this year. When she finished carving her pumpkin though she let me know she would like to do it again next year. Guess, she likes it after all.

We tried to let Babel help with gutting the pumpkin and scraping the stringy bits of its insides. But he was happy enough just observing and holding the little prick tool. I wonder how much he’ll be able to participate next year.

Last year, Halloween and Bonfire Night fell on the same night in Buxton. So went to see the fire and fireworks. But this year we went trick or treating for the very first time. None of us have experience with this. In the States, Halloween is a big deal obviously. From our apartment window, I saw kids going from store to store to trick or treat. Kids also have many decorated houses to choose from to go by with their pumpkin buckets. Here in England it’s not that popular. But I know of coworkers’ kids going trick or treating in the past, so I knew it does happen here.

The local mall had a small trick or treating event the weekend before Halloween. We took Babel in his Nemo costume and we picked up a free pumpkin bucket and a small list of store names to go to for some trick or treating. Babel really wasn’t in the mood and was quickly sick of his costume. I ended up going to the stores with Babel in the Ergo Carrier and only his Nemo hat on his head. Still, we collected a nice amount of candy (and a toy) and we all (including Babel) had a fun time. Babel even ate parts of a Mars bar, a Milky Way bar, and sucked a lollipop.

We had planned to spend actual Halloween night with Halloween fanatics Djamo and Yasmin, like last year. But Yasmin was way too sick to celebrate her favorite holiday. So, just Yasu and I took Babel in his Nemo outfit around the neighborhood to find some decorated houses and ring their doorbells.

We went to a neighborhood we heard had many decorated houses, but we ended up finding more decorated houses in our own neighborhood. Still it wasn’t easy to find people to trick or treat, most people didn’t open the door. Perhaps they were out trick or treating themselves? Yet, we didn’t see other people on the street either. But we managed to collect some candy (and an apple) for Babel though. Some people did open the door and we also found some houses with a bucket of candy in front of the door waiting for trick or treaters. Which is what I wish I had done, and certainly will do next year.

We were out for about 2 hours. This time, Babel had no problem wearing his costume and walking around as a cute fluffy fish. No one really got to see that, as we only encountered closed doors and left out candy buckets during the first hour. By the time people finally started opening doors, all they got to see was a sleeping Nemo squished in his stroller. They still gave him candy though. Babel was awake for the last few opened doors in our own street on the way home. So he still got the trick or treat experience. We will be trying this again next year!


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