Dear Babel – By Dad


Dear Babel,

Happy 1.5th birthday! I know you think Mommy and Daddy are just too happy to celebrate you every minute, but that’s what we feel. Your first life stage was in Buxton, then you turned 1 year old in Derby. You learn and grow so fast, every time you show us something new you can do, it just makes us happiest. You are constantly renewing our happiest record :).

In the past 6 months, you learned how to stand, walk, climb up and down the stairs, build a tower, run, say a couple of words, make a pose when you are proud of what you have done, show clearly what you want and don’t want, and copy what you see especially some dance moves. We think you have a great talent in dance and music. You dance to PPAP, Perfect Human, Ultra Tiger, and other songs.

Your Japanese Oma, Opa, and Aunt Akiko came to visit us in Derby, and we had a great time. You held hands with Opa and Oma, and walked in the Derby city centre. You had ice cream for the first time. You experienced the sea for the first time in Wales. They love you so much, and it was hard to say goodbye to them. But don’t worry, we will see them again in April.

Soon after that, we went to the Making of Harry Potter to celebrate Mommy’s birthday. You found a girl and walked to her, and you got a lovely hug from her. No one could resist to hug you.

Then we spent a day out with Oom Djamo and Tante Yasmin. You talked to chickens and cows there, and had another ice cream. Your Dutch Oma came to Derby, and we enjoyed the park. The paddle pool was our favorite place during summer. We went there so often. Next year we will go there as soon as it’s open.

Now our interactions with you are more interactive. You can show us what you want, and we can also show you what we want. It is just amazing. You say ‘this’ when you want something, and shake your head when you don’t. Especially when we are eating together, you tell us what you want to eat or don’t.

You started to say a couple of words: this, auto, hello, and bochibochi. We were so fascinated when we heard them for the first time. It is the start of our communication at a completely new level! With words, we can communicate better, and I can hear what you think and what’s in your head!! Obviously, you will learn 3 languages, one of which I don’t understand as much, and your vocabulary will just expand soon.

Ever since you were born, the best moment of my daily life has been when I came home to hug and kiss you. But recently I had to add another moment. That is when you walk into the kitchen in the evening when I write papers. I hear the gate opens, and your fast footsteps. Next moment, you show up in the kitchen with a big smile! Of course, I cannot focus on anything else but your beautiful smile, so I stand up, and walk to you with my arms wide open to hug you. Then usually you scream and slap the floor happily. I hold and kiss you, then we all go upstairs to change your diaper because you have pooped.

We had some lazy couch time together, where we sat on a couch together, had some snacks to eat while watching TV. Eating snacks I like and watching a TV show I like are great, but what’s the best for me is to have you leaning against me comfortably. It’s one of our quality times.

I hadn’t done this much, but to have a fun time with you, I started to fly a kite. It’s more fun and easier than I thought, and I really appreciate this entertainment costs us just 100 yen. The park is just a 5-minute-walk away, so we often do that. It feels good to fly it well. One sunny Sunday, we went out to do it as usual. You seemed to be interested, so as soon as I flew it, I let you hold it. You enjoyed pulling the string to keep the kite afloat. Then next moment, you let it go! I ran so fast, probably fastest in the last 5 years, to catch it. I managed to catch it for the first time. It wasn’t so bad, so I didn’t take it seriously. The second time happened, it was easy to catch it. The third time you released, I was getting my camera ready, so I started to run a little bit later than I should have done. I ran even faster but sadly the kite flew above the woods, and the string-grip also flew away. We walked around to find it among trees, but couldn’t find it :(. Fortunately, your Opa and Oma brought us a new kite, so we are trying that one out. We need some more time to get used to it, as the texture of this kite is different. I hope I will learn how to fly it well, and you can fly it again (without letting it go).

We just went to the soft playground with your dudes :). I was really looking forward to playing with you there, and it was more fun than I thought! We gotta do this again, and bury you with balls again!

I can’t stop writing about you. Every day you make us so happy. I love you so much and it is great to know that you love me so much too. Until your 2nd birthday, we have so many fun stuff to do! And we will be in Japan on the 25th April! I am just excited to see you at each of those moments!

Big love! Daddy



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