Thanks, uncle Djamo!


A couple of weeks ago, uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin came to visit with some exciting news. Uncle Djamo scored himself a job, as a math teacher at an American school in Kuwait! It was hot, the park’s paddle pool was still open and uncle Djamo brought his camera.

We had a very excited day in the park, with Djamo the paparazzo taking photos and Djamo the teacher excitedly telling us all about Kuwait. I ended up with beautiful summer photos of Babel in the pool and park. Djamo ended up officially accepting the job offer and signing his contract here in Derby with us.

Babel in the pool by uncle Djamo

Babel in the pool by uncle Djamo"Babel"Babel"Babel

We had no idea Djamo had applied to a job in Kuwait, because our family believes that if we don’t keep these things secret we automatically jinx it. We have Oma to thank for this superstition. Uncle Djamo hadn’t even planned to say anything about this job during his visit here, if it hadn’t been for the email he received on the way to Derby, telling him he had been hired!

"BabelBabel and uncle Djamo

Djamo recently graduated from Manchester University, and he’s very happy to be able to start a new adventure and make some money. Aunt Yasmin is actually half Kuwaiti and her father lives there. Once aunt Yasmin graduates from University in Buxton next year, she will also move to Kuwait.

"PapaBabel bubbles by uncle DjamoBabel bubbles by uncle DjamoBabel bubbles by uncle Djamo

We made plans for one more visit a weekend later, but that never happened because 3 days later he was already on a plane to Kuwait. Things went extremely quickly. After a week of preparation, another of week vacation while aunt Yasmin visited him in Kuwait, today was his first day teaching in Kuwait (their work week starts on Sunday and ends on Thursday).

Swinging Babel by uncle DjamoSwinging Babel by uncle Djamo"Swinging

It was great to live near Djamo again after more than 10 years of living in different countries. It’s too bad it has ended now, but I am very excited for him. Still, I kind of wish I had uncle Djamo around all the time as our personal family photographer. Thanks for all the gorgeous photos over the last year, Djaam. Enjoy Kuwait!



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