Ice cream


We’ve delayed giving Babel refined sugar and salt for a long time. He still hardly gets any, but he has had his first ice cream this summer! And his second, third, and fourth.

First time icecream

His first time was when the Japanesies were here. We were in the park and it was hot. So ice cream for the adults was only logical. We offered Babel a taste, but he was quite wary of the stuff. He kept refusing it, turning his head away and pushing the ice cream away with his hands.


He did like the little spoons, but only to play with, scoop up ice cream with himself and feed others. When he finally decided to taste some of Yasu’s ice cream of a spoon he liked it and had quite a lot more.

Soft serveCone is better than icecream

We’ve since had ice cream a few more times, sometimes he’s into it, other times he couldn’t care less. He always likes the cones better than the ice cream, not only to eat but also to crush between his fingers.

IcecreamIcecreamFeeding Mama icecream

He also loves the little plastic spoons. He likes scooping up the ice cream and feeding others and sometimes himself. He always loves feeding us, as well as pre-chewing the food he feeds us, luckily with ice cream he realizes there’s no need to pre-chew.

Icecream with Oma

I’m not sure yet whether Babel loves ice cream as much as I do. Obviously, we’re in no rush to push the stuff on him. Summer is almost over now, but he’s got his entire life to try ice cream and decide how much he likes it.


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