Oma in Derby


When we lived in Buxton, Oma used to visit every month. But, this month was only Oma’s second visit since we moved to Derby. Her first was for Babel’s birthday, so it had been almost 4 months. Oma really missed Babel and was very happy to finally see him again in real life.

In the last 4 months, Babel has changed from a chubby baby into a little man and he’s gained a lot of new skills. The biggest and most exciting change obviously was Babel’s new ability to walk! He started walking less than 2 weeks after Oma left Derby last time, and now she finally got to see him do it in real life. He loves to walk and explore new places.


Oma stayed for a week. Her sole purpose for visiting is to recharge her Babel battery. It’s nice because I don’t need to worry about entertaining her with touristy things. She just joins our regular daily life and enjoys spending time with her grandson. I always have a to-do list for when my mom visits. The things on the list are things I’ve been wanting to do for months and haven’t been able to with Babel around. In theory my mom would babysit while I work on my list. Ha, I should really stop making these lists, I never ever get to cross an item off. When my mom is here we end up chatting all day long!

Sliding with Oma

We did a lot of our usual things, like visiting the park, the pool, the Children’s Centre and the mall. But it was just a little extra special because Oma was there too. Babel loves having another person around, he loves the attention, and an extra playmate.

Dog petting with Oma"RidingOma build Babel a Turtle

We also did a few unusual things, like pet a dog, ride a donkey, and build a turtle. Oma is to blame for these! He really likes having his Oma around and it was sad to have to say goodbye to her again, but she’ll be back, just a two month wait this time!


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