Harry Potter Studio Tour


Another year, another birthday. Yep, I’m 36 now, on my way to the dreaded 40. Oh well, actually I think that’ll hurt less than turning 30 did. Especially, since I’ve accomplished my most important life goal, in my thirties, by becoming a mom. We don’t do birthday presents, but we do celebrate, usually by doing something fun and special. This year that meant going to the Harry Potter Studio Tour in London! I am a big Harry Potter fan, I’ve read all the books numerous times, and listened to the audio books even more times while sewing in the past. I’ve seen all the movies at least once.


I think I was majorly distracted and entertained, because I hardly took enough photos and videos. It may not seem like it, but the small selection of photos I ended up with really does not do justice to the tour. It was amazing.

Goblin facesPrivet Drive"Waving"Beater

We walked through the Hogwarts Great Hall, Diagon Alley, and saw so many Hogwarts’ movie sets. Unfortunately, I managed to forget to enter the Dursley’s house on Privet Drive. Babel and Yasu played with a few movie props, and Yasu and I mastered the art of “upping” a broom to our hand, which you can see in the (way too short) video of our tour experience.


We looked into the Mirror of Erised and it works! As you can see, we really saw our true heart’s desire.

Hogwarts ExpressOn the Hogwarts ExpressOn the Hogwarts Express"On

We saw the Hogwarts Express, and went for a ride. They let you travel through the different movies by changing the images in the window. A dementor peeked into our window and scared Babel.


Of course, we pushed luggage carts through the barrier at Platform 9 ¾!

"Weasley'sSirius' Flying Motorcycle

Babel got to travel in two flying vehicles: the Weasley’s flying car and Sirius Black’s flying motorcycle. That’s pretty cool for a one-year-old.


As expected, all Harry Potter fans are excited to try butterbeer. Thankfully, we only bought one pricey cup of butterbeer, because it’s not very good. The foam on top very strongly tastes like sweet and sticky ice cream, and the soda beneath hardly has any taste.

I imagine the taste of real butterbeer in the imaginary Harry Potter world is probably much much better, which is why it is so popular in the books. I real life, there are lots of huge wooden barrels near the butterbeer stand, in which you can discard your butterbeer. And they fill up quickly, because hardly anyone seems to be able to finish that beverage.

Still I do recommend giving butterbeer a try, if you visit the tour, you kind of have to as a Harry Potter fan. Yet, buy just one cup (since they’re almost £4 a piece) and have everyone in your group sample this interesting (but not quite delicious) drink from the same cup.


The movies are fun, but the books are amazing. Yasu has a hard time reading novels, so he hasn’t read any of the Harry Potter books. He has seen most of the movies but it has always been hard for him to understand my obsession. After our day at the studio tour, I am so excited to read Harry Potter to Babel, I hope he’ll love the stories as much as I do. I’ll have to wait until Babel is old enough to understand though. Perhaps Yasu can listen in then as well!

Harry Potter fan or not (yet), we all had a lot of fun at the studio tour. Seeing all the movie sets and props used in the Harry Potter movies has inspired Yasu to want to watch all the movies. If only Netflix had them all on file.


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    • Well, you never know, you might like it. I found food and drinks to be so much sweeter in the States, it was usually too much for Yasu and l. But you grew up with it right, so if you’re used to that you may actually like the butterbeer. No matter what you have to try if you have the chance! I’m going to try butterbeer in Harry Potter Universal Studios in Osaka next year and see if it tastes the same.

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