The last day we had our rental car, we said farewell to the Japanesies in the morning and drove to Buxton in the afternoon. I’ve really missed Buxton, so it was fun to drive past our old hangouts and our old home. Surprisingly, in little over 4 months quite a few things had changed already. Of course, we were there to visit uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin.


We were very excited to go pick some strawberries and raspberries at a local farm, but disappointingly that farm was closed. Still, in the countryside there’s always another farm, so instead went to a farm that makes and sells its own ice cream. We could even pet some farm animals there.

"WatchingPetting a cow"Petting"Watching

Babel got to meet and greet some chickens, cows, cats, and mini horses. Babel had the best time, and uncle Djamo took the best photos, like only uncle Djamo can. All the photos in this blog post are taken by uncle Djamo. Except the one with Djamo in it, that one was taken by aunt Yasmin. I treasure all the photos Djamo takes of us, especially since I am in many of them. Normally, I do all the picture taking and video making, so I’m not really in any of them. When Djamo follows us around with his camera, like a true paparazzo, I get to be in photos too!

Leaving the farm“Tears"Sweet Babel“Tears"

Babel also did loads of walking around, some falling down and some crying, but nothing that a few cuddles from mommy couldn’t fix. And we ended up with a lovely photo of me comforting a teary Babel.

Feeding Mama icecream

We all had a great afternoon at the farm and we had some delicious ice cream. That was seriously the best ice cream we had all summer. Babel loved it too, I’m so lucky he has no problem sharing. As a BLW toddler he was never spoonfed, still he seems to be a big fan of it, as long as he’s the one doing the feeding!

Babel's Pumas


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