Cardiff Castle


On our way to the Welsh beach caravan we rented for the weekend, we stopped at Cardiff Castle. It was the first time for all of us in Wales, and we marveled at all the weird and unpronounceable spellings that don’t resemble English at all.

At Cardiff Castle"Eating

It was a beautiful sunny day and we had a nice picnic of onigiris and fruit. Babel was very interested in the rice balls and that made us so happy again, he’s finally fully embraced that sticky goodness. Good little Japanese man.

Walking to the castle"Kings

Babel had the best time exploring the castle grounds. He climbed the steps inside the old castle and admired the view of Cardiff from atop the castle.

Japanesies at the castle“Swinging"

Babel had the most fun on a grass slope. He practiced and practiced until he could walk up the little hill all by himself and run down it into Papa’s arms. He amazes us everyday, he will find something to focus on, something to learn, and once he’s figured it out, he does it over and over again. He already knows practice makes perfect.

Family of criminals


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