On our second day with the car, we took everyone to the National Sealife Centre in Birmingham. It is in the middle of the city, so it wasn’t a very large aquarium. Yet, certainly good enough for a little boy’s first ever visit to an aquarium.


Almost everywhere in the aquarium it was dark, with lit-up water tanks showing off the creatures inside. This made it hard to take good photos but also made it really easy for Babel to know where to look. This was much better for him than the zoo a day earlier. In the zoo he spent the day staring at large green enclosures without realizing he was supposed to be looking at animals moving around somewhere, usually quite far away.


We did get Babel in prime position for the zoo’s penguin parade, but just before the penguins came waddling by Babel had fallen asleep, so he never saw them. But as you can see, he did see the penguins in the aquarium! It was simply impossible for him to miss them.


Babel enjoyed walking around the aquarium and really looking at the different fish and other sea creatures. Babel loves water, he even tried to splash a few fish in an open tank. It was exciting to see his interest in the different fish on display. You could see his little eyes follow the fish around the tanks and he pointed and babbled at them as well.


Unfortunately, we didn’t get Babel to pet one of the starfish. They were hard to reach, even when we lifted and hovered him over the enclosure. Babel did not seem to understand what we wanted him to do or he simply wasn’t interested. He did like walking through the little kiddy tunnels, which from the outside made it look like Babel was the sea creature on display.


In the large ocean tunnel sea creatures swim around and over you. The large sea turtles from Hawaii and the large sharks were the most impressive. This place was completely mesmerizing to Babel. Especially, when being held by Opa or Papa to give him a better view of above.

Mind the shark


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