With the Japanesies visiting us in England, we rented a car to do some day trips. First thing on the menu was the zoo! I was super excited to take Babel to the zoo and see his reactions to large animals like elephants and giraffes. So off we went to the Twycross Zoo in Leicester.

"Babel, "Babel,

The zoo did not have a huge variety of animals (it did have a large variety of apes), for example they didn’t have any bears, lions, and tigers. They did have one puma (unfortunately Babel was asleep when we found it). But they had enough for a good first zoo visit.


We’re not quite sure Babel did a lot of animal watching actually. Most animals live in quite large enclosures (which is good of course) but it makes it hard for a toddler to know what he is looking at. I think he probably remembers lots of open green spaces and had no idea that the moving things in the distance were of any importance. He didn’t point at any animals or give any reaction to them really.


Babel loves exploring new places. He’s really good at walking and running around, and enjoys having the freedom of going anywhere his little heart desires. So we let him do a huge lot of that, and he had the time of his life.


For lunch we had fish and chips, we’re not big fans, but we didn’t bring a picnic and it was pretty much all they had there. I gave Babel a little wooden fork and he went to town on the chips! Both his Oma and I noticed he swallowed a lot of the food, instead of chewing it before chucking it on the floor. We’ve entered a new phase of Babel-Led Weaning journey and he’s actually consuming larger amounts of food! This is exciting.

Twycross Zoo


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