Babel is One – Hands and Feet

Growing Hands

When you were just three weeks old, we wrestled with your tiny limbs to take some hand and foot prints. It was especially hard to uncurl your fists and flatten your hands on the sheet. The hand prints we ended up with weren’t as perfect as I’d hoped and I considered getting a new kit and doing it all again. In the end, I decided I liked seeing your young fighting spirit shine through in those prints.

I did get a new kit though, to take some new prints on your first birthday. Hmm, I may make this a yearly birthday tradition, because I really love seeing the difference between then and now: you’ve grown a lot!

Growing Feet

Especially, those lovely feet of yours have grown from tiny things into quite big walking machines. It was easier to take prints of your feet, when you were three weeks old and now. I do realize we should have rolled your feet a little so the tips of your toes would also show on the prints. I already accepted last year that these things don’t always turn out perfectly, I’ll try to do better next year.

I measured the prints to find out how much your hands and feet have grown. On May 16, 2015 your hands were 6.5 cm long and your feet 8.5 cm. In less than a year, on your birthday your hands measured 9 cm and your feet 11.5 cm! This whole year I’ve considered your little hands and feet tiny, and sure they still are small, but they’re growing fast. I wonder what they’ll measure next year.


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