Dear Babel – By Oma

Oma Kisses

To my sweet Babel, the love of my life…

This is a message from your Oma Moem. Whether you will ever call me that, we’ll have to wait and see. Wow, it’s already been a year since you were born.

The Grandmother an Grandson

I was looking forward to your birth so much. I arrived in Buxton on Wednesday, April 22nd, and Saturday late in the afternoon you were born!

Grandma and Belly

You were in an incubator, so I wasn’t really allowed to hold you. But hey, if you decide to turbo poop over everything while your mama is holding you, the only right thing I can do is take you from her and clean you up! Still now, when I am with you and you’ve pooped your pants, I am the one who gets to change your diaper!

Oma First TouchMama, Baby, Oma

This past year I’ve been closely following you growing up through FaceTime and through many visits. I didn’t want to miss a moment. Your mama and papa have also provided me with loads of photos and videos, so I get to show you off to any and everyone. And I still do!


Now you are one already, gosh time flies. And you are so much fun! It’s really true what other grandmothers say: being a grandmother is the best! When I am with you, my days are filled with playing with you, crawl-chasing you, tickling you, babbling with you, dancing with you, singing with you, laughing with you, taking you for walks, and taking baths together.

Swinging with Oma
Babel and his oma

I loved it so much when you visited the Netherlands and stayed with me for almost three weeks. I got to show you to my sweet coworkers (who know all about you), your great-aunt Chantal and her family, and your aunt Censa. You even got to meet my ex-husband and ex-boyfriend!

Oma, Babel & Windmills

We took you to the Efteling, even though you were probably still too small for this. You were asleep during some of the most beautiful parts, but thankfully during Carnaval Festival’s Red Nose Show you were awake! Together in a cart we enjoyed the show so much. I hope you’ll come to the Netherlands again soon, so I can take you to the Efteling again.

Oma and Babel Bear

Sweet Babel, you’ve made my life so much richer and so much more beautiful. Whenever I’m feeling down, all I have to do is look at one of your photos, and I start smiling immediately. When I think of you, see your photo, or when I get to hold you in real life I always get this lovely warm feeling. I can feel dozens of butterflies… yep, Oma is in love!

I love you, sweet kisses, your Oma Moem.

Babel & Oma holding hands


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