Babel is One – Food & Play


After all that official birthday business it was finally time for the best part of any party: food & play.


I prepared snacks that were all Babel-proof. Food-wise, you’re basically allowed anything besides added sugar and salt, now that you’re one you can finally have honey as well (although you still haven’t). Besides your birthday cake, I made birthday cupcakes that were basically the same, just in smaller form. There were also fruit kabobs, salmon-cucumber finger sandwiches, and of course lots of blue berries and some shredded cheese. You tried everything I think, but stuck mostly with the fruit and cheese, who can blame you that stuff is the best anyways.

Up and until your half birthday, all you were allowed to drink was breast milk, up and until your birthday, all you were allowed to drink was breast milk and water. Now you can drink other things as well, cow’s milk for example and watered down juice. Again, you really haven’t had anything new except some of Oma’s orange-kiwi juice at your party and a few last drops from my bottle of grapefruit juice. You’re still quite content with just water and milk from me.

Your first birthday and you received a large heap of presents: there were clothes, a pear night light, a t-rex pin, a walk & ride crocodile push wagon, and an enormous amount of Duplo! Everyone in the family seems to love Lego and Duplo, so we were all very excited to get you some for your birthday and even more importantly play with it (and you).


Your duplos are so colorful and there are so many. You love pulling them apart, you had that figured out basically immediately, you also try putting them on top of one another and you often push hard, but they’re usually not aligned perfectly so you still need some help building.


Your uncles were more than happy to provide that help, they’re basically still little boys on the inside, so they understand what you would find cool. While you took your only and short nap of the day, they built you this beautiful contraption and concluded that we didn’t get you enough duplo and we really need more if we are to build you a proper city. When you woke up you knew exactly what to do with their creation, we nicknamed you Babel the Destroyer for a reason after all.

I think we can safely say you had a great birthday! There were so many people here who you love and who love you, there was so much excitement, some good cake smashing, yummy food, a great uncle photographer to record the memories, and lots of gifts and playing.

We kept the decorations up a few more days, and the balloons are still down on the floor so you can play with them. You still love your duplos, you especially enjoy it when we build you something and you get to pull it all apart. You still try to help to build things, and sometimes a block clicks in place, but you haven’t really figured the duplo building out yet. You also really love your crocodile, to sit on, to ride on, to push (backwards but hey that’s ok), to throw over, and the best part for you seems to be turning the wheels.

Once more: Babel my little one-year-old, congratulations on your first birthday! Here’s to another awesome year together. I love you so much!


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