Babel is One – Candle & Presents

Cupcake & Candle

After your cake smash, a quick cleanup, and a change of clothes for you, we sang you ‘Happy Birthday’. Quietly and calmly, we didn’t want to scare you again like we did on Oma’s birthday. We also put one lit candle on a cupcake for you to blow out. We didn’t really expect you to blow out your candle yourself. Even though you are quite good at blowing, you even know how to get music out of your wooden recorder. Of course, we also didn’t ask you to make wish, perhaps next year if you understand the concept by then.

Babel's First Candle

Touching instead of Blowing out the Flame

I think you were pretty intrigued by the singing adults and especially the little flame. You tried touching it more than anything else. I tried to show you how to blow and accidentally blew out your candle, and after relighting it I had to quickly blow it before you put your fingers in it. Again, perhaps next year you will understand what needs to be done.

Time for Presents!

Next up it was time for presents! Almost all your gifts were wrapped in blue green dinosaur paper. Dinosaurs and blue-green were kind of light themes for your party. Uncle Djamo and auntie Yasmin wrapped their own gift and even though they weren’t aware of the party themes, they had your gift wrapped in dinosaur paper as well.

Reading Birthday Cards

You also received a few birthday cards, and they had to be thoroughly checked out as well. It was almost like you were actually reading them.

Unwrapping with Papa and Mama
Unwrapping Duplo

Then it was time to tear off the paper. I thought you – a.k.a. Babel the Destroyer – would really enjoy this and would quickly start wildly pulling off all the wrappings. Instead, you observed Mama and Papa unwrap most of your gifts and calmly helped a few times when we strongly encouraged you.

Unwrapping AudienceOma the Videographer

Perhaps it was a bit overwhelming, that heap of presents? Or was it the pressure of the audience? Oma, uncle Gyano, uncle Djamo, and aunt Yasmin weren’t only watching, Djamo was constantly photographing you, Oma was videoing you, and uncle Gyano was FaceTiming aunt Censa in Indonesia so she could also watch.

Dinosaurs on all his presents

In the very least, you did seem to enjoy discovering what was beneath each wrapping with Papa and Mama, and you were super interested in the colorful boxes that were uncovered.


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