Babel is One – Cake Smash

12 Months Old

Six days ago you had your first birthday! The 12 months photo was the last of the photo series with you on the turquoise rug. It was hard work, especially once you were able to roll over and crawl away, but it was really worth it. I love the collection of weekly and monthly photos we now have.

Birthday Boy & Cake

Party People

For your first birthday, Oma and uncle Gy traveled to Derby from the Netherlands, and uncle Djamo and auntie Yasmin drove over from Buxton. I think you absorbed everyone’s excitement that day, as you were awake for almost 16 hours with only a short (less than an hour) nap in the afternoon. I don’t know how you kept your little self going for that long, but we all enjoyed your company.

Birthday Cake

The first thing on the agenda after everyone arrived was your cake smash.

Cake Applause

I had practiced baking you a cake in the previous week. After 6 months of not having any added sugar to your food, I didn’t want you to suddenly be presented with a sugar bomb. Yet it was your birthday, so I was also okay relaxing the rules a little bit.

Smearing the Cake

In any case, I know you hate sweet things so you weren’t going to consume much if the cake was too sweet. Actually, I was wondering if you were even going try to eat any of the cake, and realized my sugar-worries were probably in vain.

Whipped Cream Inspection

In the end, the no-sugar banana cake I had practiced was way too dense for you to smash up, and the sugary store-bought frosting did a horrible job at actually staying on the cake and tasted horrific. So I used a store-bought cake mix to make you a Victoria sponge base, because that was at least somewhat fluffy.

Throwing the Cake

As frosting I whipped up some double cream with a tiny bit of vanilla bean paste, the paste gave the whipped cream the trademark vanilla black specks, but it wasn’t needed to for the taste. Whipped double cream without anything is super delicious already and therefore a million times better than that sickly sweet frosting from a can.

Smashing the Cake

I had wanted to make you a turquoise cake with food coloring in the frosting. I actually practiced that, but it was really hard to get the color right and I have a sneaking suspicion that it was the food coloring that made the frosting so runny it just glided off the first practice cake.

Cake Stand

During my second practice run, I didn’t dare adding food coloring to the whipped cream, as I wasn’t even sure yet that the cream would work well as frosting. So I decided to add blue berries and green grapes to keep the cake in the party color scheme. I kind of regret that now, because after a night in the fridge the fruit started breaking up the cream, and I think an all white cake would have looked prettier in the first place. Also, you love fruit, especially blue berries, and all those yummy fruities ended up in the trash after your smash and I don’t think you ate even one of them. As expected, you didn’t really eat any of the cake but the whipped cream did touch your lips on several occasions.

Babel is One

You did smash the heck out of your cake though!

Cake Smashing

At first, we tried to get some photos of you and your cake, without letting you touch it. We thought we might add a candle, sing you a song, help you blow out the candle, and then let you smash the cake. You’re probably thinking, haha Mama, no way! Yep, that was wishful thinking. Of course, you wanted to get as close to the cake as possible, as soon as possible. We soon gave up keeping you away from the cake and instead just let you do your thing.

Cake Smashing

You played with the little cake name banner and big one, by clapping on them and pulling on them. When you started taking them out of the cake we had to take them away because it got too dangerous. You pulled off pieces of fruit and whipped cream. You didn’t really realize it was all edible, all you seem to have tasted was the whipped cream. I tried to help you eat a blue berry, but you were way too busy destroying your cake.

Smashed Cake & Toes

You threw over the cake stand and the cake landed upside down. You enjoyed quite a while of just hitting your cake and wildly grabbing off the cream and fruit with both hands, over and over. You were so excited and energized, it was extremely entertaining for us adults to watch.

Cake Smash Aftermath

Your cake smash was a big success. None of the feared sugar rush and loads of the desired mess. Well done, little one-year-old!


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