Babel Weekly – 52

52 Weeks Old

This was the last week of the first year of your life, and you will turn one year old tomorrow! What?! Your baby time will be over and you will enter toddlerhood. Gosh, that went quickly. This was the best year of our life and we’re looking forward to all the coming years with you. You are the best thing we ever did.

Fruit & Yogurt

Almost one year since you were born and we are still breastfeeding, co-sleeping, and baby-wearing. You are good at eating actual food, a few of your current favorites are blue berries and cheese. But I am happy you also still frequently breastfeed, because that’s something special I can do for you and it’s still recommended and healthy for you. The amounts of food you consume are increasing by the day, so you nurse less during the day.

Sleeping Kotera Boys

You still nurse a lot during the night, which is totally fine because we co-sleep. You usually fall asleep lying next to me while nursing and a few times every night you ask for more. Your eyes always stay closed when this happens and as soon as I pop my breast out you’re drinking and back asleep, and me as well.

Sleeping Babel

It’s great because we both get lots of sleep this way. I also love having you so close, but you do have some funny sleeping positions so often I wish the bed was a bit larger so we could all spread out more.

Happy Babel

You do have your own crib, but we mainly use it as a little baby-jail for when we need to go to the toilet and want to keep you safe without supervision for a few minutes.


You also still use your bassinet, the Wool Nest, for which you are officially to big, but you still love playing in it and even nap in it during the day.


When we lived in Buxton we went out with you in the Ergo Carrier every day, because we lived on the third floor and I simply could not carry you and your heavy stroller down and up the stairs. Even though wearing you would get heavy after a while, I loved having you close to me. People often remarked how snug you looked in there. We still use the Ergo in Derby, but that’s become less now we can also use the stroller.

Swinging Joy

You love saying “uh-oh” and everyone loves repeating after you and trying to make you say it again, and you do. Sometimes you say it when it’s appropriate, like when you throw something on the floor, but also like using it as a conversation starter, over and over again.

You’re not really using words yet. I often hear “mama” pass your lips, but I am not sure that means me, at least not always. Different intonations and instances make me believe it can mean anything. These days “uh-oh” dominates “mama” though.

You mainly communicate with sounds, gestures with your arms, and crying if you’re upset. If you hurt yourself, you cry, and stop almost immediately after one of us picks you up and comforts you. To us your cry means: “hey parent peeps, I hurt myself, did you notice?” Then when we react and hold you, you’re thinking: “ah thanks for noticing, I feel better already.” Communication succesful, cry over.

Running a Bath

You are standing by yourself a lot. The length and frequency of your standing session is increasing by the day and we’re hoping to see you try to walk without holding anything soon. For some reason, you stand the most in the slippery tub, even though that would seem harder to me than just standing on carpet. You love baths, and you also enjoy watching the bath get filled and splashing the water running from the cold water tap.

Hiding & Stuck

You move loads these days. You really love dancing, as soon as there’s music you move  and shake your little body, you were born with dance in your bones, because we never taught you this. But both Mama and Papa love dancing, so we’re not surprised you love it too.

You like to move things too. You love opening and closing the safety gates, drawers and cabinet doors. The harder they slam the better, except when your tiny fingers get caught in between.  You love moving iPhones, iPads, and remotes from out in the open to under the couch and ottoman. This is especially appreciated when someone is FaceTiming you or when we want to watch some TV.

You also like exploring the house, climbing into and onto things. You’ve climbed the stairs all the way up twice already (under supervision of course). The other day I lost you for a moment and found you behind the TV stuck between the TV unit and wall. I really need to keep my eye on you constantly!

Tower of Babel

You’re starting to realize towers aren’t only fun to destroy but also fun to build. You started helping us build the cup towers, your coordination isn’t the best yet and you still need our help, but you are trying your best putting the cups on top of each other.

You have six teeth in various degrees of length. They’re especially visible when you laugh and cry. They look very cute on you, but we’re having a hard time cleaning them, you do not like the toothbrush entering your mouth.

76 cm & 11.78 kg

We went to a new (to us) Children’s Centre in Derby this week, and found out that you’re basically still the same weight as the past few months. You’re probably 76 cm tall. I say probably because it’s kind of hard to measure you, you keep crawling and wriggling away.

The Children’s Centre is really close to Papa’s work, so after weighing you we finally visited Papa at work for the first time. Unfortunately, you were tired and ready to nap, so you weren’t your usual happy and social self when you met so many of Papa’s coworkers. Still people were happy to finally meet the baby they’ve seen so many photos of on Facebook this past year.

Drinking from a glass

This week you started drinking from a glass or cup without a lid. I had tried this in the past, but the level of water in the glass was always too low and it was hard for you to throw your head back and drink. This week Oma (who’s visiting to celebrate your birthday with us) tried it with a full glass and it was so much easier for you. You also drank from a regular straw for the first time this week.

Swinging Babel Bear
Exploring Donkeys

We’ve also taken you to the playground in the park again. You are still a star at swinging and we practiced sliding some more (with a very scared Oma) and you’re definitely starting to get the hang of it. And you met some donkeys! They were very interesting to you and you really enjoyed petting them.

Birthday Prep
Birthday Cake Practice
Cake Smashing Practice

I’ve been preparing your birthday party for months, and now it’s almost here! I’ve been working on a few decorations and practicing baking cakes, and you even got a chance to practice your smashing skills.

Birthday Present Test Run

You even got to give one of your birthday gifts a test run and you loved the crocodile. I kind of felt bad secretly taking it out of the living room and wrapping it up for your birthday, but you’ll have it again soon.

This was the last Babel Weekly and we took our last Babel + dinosaur photo on the turquoise rug. I can’t believe I managed to this weekly in the past 52 weeks, because life with a baby is busy! But I was very motivated because I want to turn these 52 blog posts into a baby book for you, so I needed to keep this blog up-to-date as much as I could. I love the collection of photos and memories we now have. You have changed so much through your first year, and when you are bigger you will be able to look at all these and know what you were like as a baby.

Of course, we’ll continue to take photos and videos of you, and I want to keep recording our memories with you. I am continuously Babel-spamming Instagram and Facebook. I will be writing to you on the blog as well, it’ll just be Babel Monthly from now on.


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