Babel Weekly – 51

51 Weeks Old

You are 51 weeks old now and you are one active little man. Your forehead seems to be perpetually bruised these days. The photo color filters make them basically invisible, but in real life they’re there. When the last one is finally starting to turn yellow, you hit your head again and a new bruise develops right over the old one. Don’t worry, it’s a cool look for a dude.

Babel in the toy box

You love to dance and I’m still trying to catch your über cute booty wiggle on video. You are also a real monkey. You surprised us this past week by suddenly climbing the stairs! When did you learn that?! Besides climbing up, you like climbing into your Wool Nest or toys tray. I helped you climb into the toy box in the photo above, but I’m sure you’ll be able to do that by yourself soon. You also like climbing out or off things head first; you don’t realize yet when things are dangerous. This is why you are perpetually bruised.

Four Upper Teeth!

You are also perpetually drooling these days, and in copious amounts! That’s because four of your upper teeth have cut. It’s hard to see in the photo above, you don’t like us looking at your teeth, let alone photographing them. You have covered Papa and Mama in drool, loads of drool, several times this past week. I’m just glad your cutting teeth doesn’t seem to make you cranky or unhappy, just extremely drooly.

Brushing his teeth with the wrong end of the toothbrush

We’re still trying to brush your teeth in the mornings and evenings. You really don’t appreciate it, but so far we’ve gained access to your teeth each time. You don’t make it easy, though. Sometimes we let you try yourself but you are much more interested in biting the other end of the toothbrush.

Raspberries & Greek Yogurt

Unfortunately for you, the annoying act of teeth brushing will be a permanent part of your life, because you have teeth and you eat. This week you tried fresh raspberries with some Greek yogurt on the side (and all over your face, hands, smock, high chair and the floor), and you loved them. You are also a real Dutch cheese head, you can’t get enough of the stuff!

Wool Nest Sleeping

You seem to be sleeping normal amounts again, waking up when Papa leaves for work, but you haven’t been sleeping in normal positions though. You prefer funny angles, on your side and belly, and even spread-eagled. Your body is tiny but you utilize more than 33% of our bed these days! You’ve also been laughing and giggling in your sleep, sometimes it wakes me up. It’s the best. 

Coughing Babel

This past week, we’ve all developed colds. My throat has been getting sorer by the day and yesterday I almost lost my voice. Papa’s nose is super runny and one of eyes is so teary it’s become all red and swollen now. And you have been coughing a lot. It’s probably because we spent a long evening in the park’s playground when it was quite cold last weekend.

Dizzy Babel

The playground here has many more fun things to try out than the one in Buxton and since it was cold and late, there weren’t many other people there so we had most of the place to ourselves.

Learning how to slide

We helped you slide down the slide several times and after a few tries your face went from scared to satisfied and happy. You still kind of need our help going down while sitting up because you kind of prefer to dive down the slide, and we’re trying to keep your bruises to a minimum.

See-SawTrucker Babel

We all went on the see-saw, which seemed to be a scarier experience for Papa than for you, and we found a huge wooden truck which you loved to play in. They have lots of interesting things in this park, you can even rent boats and canoes, and when it gets warm you can splash around in a paddle pool.

Mom's Sunglasses

One more Babel Weekly coming for my little cool dude (you!) and then you graduate from being a baby and become a toddler… It’s hard to believe.


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