Babel Weekly – 50

50 Weeks Old

You’re in the fifties now! That means we are really, really close to your birthday! Officially, you’re still a baby but these days you look a lot more like the toddler you will be in just over two weeks. Soon Oma and uncle Gyano are coming over from the Netherlands, and uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin are coming over from Buxton, all to come celebrate your first ever birthday with you!

Taking off

Like I’ve said before, it’s been hard to get you to pose for your weekly and monthly photos, and also to change your diapers. Once we put you on your back, you roll over to your left and take off. The photo shoots on your back are almost over, but I don’t think diaper changing will be a thing of the past anytime soon.

Squishy Sleeping Face

You may not like lying on your back anymore, but you do love lying on your belly these days, remember when you used to hate that? I’ve been letting you wear pajama pants instead of your sleeping bag these days so you have much more freedom to move at night. And oh boy, you do move a lot in your sleep. Not only do you like to move on your belly to sleep, you like to move everywhere else as well. I remember months ago seeing a funny comic of co-sleeping positions, in which the baby takes over the bed in all kinds of funny positions and the parents do their best to sleep around the baby. That’s us these days! These last few days we’ve woken up with your feet between our heads. You’re funny and adorable even when you sleep (and move).

You also sleep a lot! When we just got back from Japan you got up early, from before 6:00 in the beginning to between 7:00 and 8:00 during the last two weeks. These past few days you’ve been waking later and later again, like you used to before we went to Japan, somewhere just before 10:00. Lots of long naps as well. I wonder if you’re gathering energy for another growth spurt or something.

Exploring the neighborhood

Now that we no longer on the 3rd floor of an apartment building, I’ve been able to take you out in the stroller instead of the Ergo Carrier. Don’t get me wrong, I love the Ergo, but you are a bit heavy and the distances between home and the shops in Derby are quite a bit longer than in Buxton. So it’s a nice break on my back to be able to push you instead of carry you, and groceries fit in the bottom of your stroller.

Babel's Tub Tushie

This week our boiler got replaced and we finally have working heaters and hopefully more hot water, even though we’ve gotten used to spreading out our showers and baths now to make sure none of us have to wash in cold water. You’ve been enjoying our new big bath. We’ve bathed together once, but usually it’s you and daddy and it’s been great quality time for the two of you.

Babels' first high chair
First family dinner in the kitchen

We have a table in the kitchen now, so we no longer eat on the floor in the living room. So we bought you your first high chair and we’ve been enjoying family dinners in the kitchen for the first time ever. You’re still eating like a champ, but you also still love dropping/throwing your food on the floor. It’s probably even more fun now, from high up. You used to be able to grab anything you dropped yourself from your low chair. Now, it’s usually daddy who’s picking up your food from the floor, as for some reason you prefer throwing the food of your tray on his side. Thanks for that Babel, letting mommy eat in peace, while you make daddy work!

How Babel eats yogurt

Babel-Led Weaning: We also still use your low chair in the living room for some of your meals, like this recent lunch of yogurt with blueberries. You’re getting pretty good at spoon-feeding or fork-feeding yourself now, you used to pull everything off the fork or spoon with your free hand and then put it in your mouth, but this week you’ve been putting the loaded spoons and forks straight into your mouth as well. But of course, in true baby-led weaning fashion, you also used your hands and even feet to spread the yogurt anywhere and everywhere. Excellent job, little Babel.


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