Babel Weekly – 44

44 Weeks Old

You are 44 weeks today and your second tooth is coming through… Ouch for mommy, as you continue to bite me after feeds, but you smile so mischievously cute afterwards, it’s hard to be stern. You have also passed the 10 month line, two days ago. Wow, you’re into the double digits now. I’m sure that the last two months of your first year will fly by, with our trip to Japan and our move to Derby.

10 Months Old

Trying to Escape

You’re getting faster and better at moving around, crawling, cruising, climbing. It really is fun to see you explore your world. Of course, you’re curious about everything, anything is fun and mighty interesting, and you want to make sure you know what’s happening everywhere.

Lose the Baby? Check the Attic.

I wonder how long it would take for you to actually be able to open the living room door and climb the ladder to the attic. If you develop at the same rate as you have in the last three weeks, probably before we move to Derby. I need to keep a constant close eye on you now, you are going places constantly. You love, love, love practicing and improving upon all your new skills.

War Path of Babel

You’re very good at entertaining yourself, you make a huge mess (as you should), but you can spend a whole hour going around the living room playing with things. And then you discover the raisins and water bottle I’ve left for you on the splash mat, which is a great way for you to practice that pincer grasp you’ve developed over the last few weeks.

Couch fun

You also getting more vocal and you love it when I repeat your sounds back to you. That makes you so happy, jumpy, and loud! I don’t know what our sounds mean, but it really feels like we’re communicating in our own grunting way.

Last Buxton gathering with uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin

Uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin had not seen you since Gyano’s birthday at the beginning of February and they came over for our last Buxton get-together. They were totally amazed by all your new skills. It is hard to believe all the things you can do now, compare to three weeks ago. Also, you have cut two teeth (they’re just poking out and nobody is allowed to have a look or feel, that angers you remarkably) and your hair has grown a lot in the same time! I love it, it’s getting cute and messy.

Getting a head start on fighting their upcoming jetlag.

In a few hours, at 3:30 am to be exact, we’re taking a bus to the airport. We’re flying to Japan tomorrow (with a short pitstop in the Netherlands)! We finally get to introduce you to your Japanese family and your other home-country. I’m quite nervous about the flight, since the flight back from the Netherlands last month went horribly. We did book you your own seat, so we should be more comfortable, but I worry about how to entertain you in such a confined space for so long. Also, I’m worried how you’re going to deal with the jetlag, and how I will deal with a jetlag and a jetlagged baby. Normally, you and I get more than enough sleep and life is pretty well-rested, I sure hope we can continue that while we’re busy traveling Japan and visiting people. At least today, when I was packing for our trip, you and daddy have gotten a little head start on fighting that upcoming jetlag.


4 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 44

  1. You booked him an own seat? How long is the flight to Japan? We were so upset that our Nathan needs his own seat now as he is over two years old. In April we will fly to China again.
    When we went last year to China (he was 19_20 months old) we had him on our lap and it was nothing too hard for us. Half the trip (8 hours flight from Helsinki, as from Helsinki flights to Asia are the shortest) he slept or walked around all the time entertaining the other passengers

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    • Yeah, he’s got his own seat. But mostly to give us more space to spread out and breastfeed comfortably. We just finished our first flight and he still sat on my lap the whole flight. But it was really nice not to have to worry about bothering a stranger next to us, like last time. That made it more stressful.

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