Babel Weekly – 43

43 Weeks Old

You didn’t have the best week. It started with a very restless night. You had a fever, a weird overnight rash, an inability to sleep, during the day you had inconsolable crying bouts, and what worried me most was your utter refusal to nurse. That made me feel desperate and scared.

At some point we realized your gums must have been hurting from teething, and that could explain everything (except the rash). So we went to the pharmacy to get you some teething gel. I asked the pharmacist if he could identify your rash and possibly recommend a cream. All he did was ask if you also had a fever and whether you were not eating. As both answers were yes, he told us to take a taxi and go straight to the hospital’s walk-in clinic. Slightly panicked, we headed home to get your carseat and diaper bag and jumped in a taxi to the hospital.

At the hospital's walk-in clinic because of a weird overnight rash, a fever, a nursing strike, and uncontrollable crying bouts.

At the hospital they were surprised we didn’t call some out-of-hours number first to make an appointment with a doctor. Basically, because your mom and dad are foreigners here, and we’re completely unfamiliar with the system. Also, the pharmacist kind of scared us and we were just doing what he told us. Still, they were very nice at the hospital, but there was no doctor on site. Since you are under one, the hospital’s policy is that you need to be seen by an actual doctor within 24 hours of visiting the clinic. While they were trying to get a hold of a doctor, we waited in the hospital and the practitioner nurse checked you over completely. You seemed fine except for the weird rash. Your rash made everyone think of chicken pox for a bit, because many of your bumps had white pus in them. But it wasn’t chicken pox, as apparently they present themselves very differently on the body.

Mysterious overnight rash that had nurses and the doctor puzzled.

While we waited to hear from a doctor, we managed to put some bonjela teething gel on your gums. Of course, you hated me putting my finger in your mouth but soon you tasted the banana-ish tasting gel and you started sucking my finger. I guess the painkiller worked because you finally nursed again, after more than 12 hours of refusing the breast. Gah, that was a huge relief.

Back at the hospital

The doctor wasn’t going to return that evening anymore, and since you seemed fine enough, we left the hospital with an appointment to come back the next morning. We were no longer panicky or in a rush, so we walked home carrying you and the carseat. The next day, I unboxed your large orange stroller (it was already packed for the move to Derby) and took you for a lovely morning stroll in the winter sun to the hospital. To meet that doctor within 24 hours, as hospital policy dictates… Yet, it was another practitioner nurse. Not sure what happened there, perhaps the doctor got called out again on an emergency? Anyways, you were checked over again. You were still fine except for that puzzling rash. She prescribed some hydrocortisone cream to apply to your rash, and if it didn’t calm down within two days, we were to visit our GP.

Hands with spots are great to drum with

At the end of the weekend, you still had not seen a doctor, but you were happy and you had fun during our walk and at the hospital. You were also nursing again, albeit not nearly as well and confidently as before. You were sleeping well enough again, and you had no more fever. You weren’t inconsolable anymore, just a bit more cranky and fussy than normal (which I blame on teething).

Probably our last visit ever to our Buxton GP

After two days, the rash in your face was gone, but on your hands, arms, legs, and feet the rash kept on developing. So we went to the GP, probably for the very last time in Buxton. We saw the same doctor who treated you for your cradle cap, many months ago. Again, you really enjoyed the visit and you were checked over completely and deemed totally fine, except for that puzzling rash. The doctor told me not to worry since you are happy, healthy and active, and the rash looked like it was drying up. His final verdict was that it was probably due to a viral infection since you’d also had a fever over the weekend. He prescribed some non-medicinal moisturizer cream for the rash and your pre-rash eczema. Whatever it was, the rash is getting less pronounced and I’ll be happy when it’s gone altogether.

Dreamy Babel

The day your refused to nurse was very emotional for me, it kind of felt like you were rejecting me and when I also unable to comfort you in any other way, I felt like the worst mom ever. All the confidence I’d built up as a parent in the months before was destroyed in half a day of you not wanting to drink from me. All I wanted to do was offer you comfort and nourishment like always, and it wasn’t working. Pfff, that was tough on you and me. Thankfully, your nursing strike only lasted about 12 (long) hours, and after that you started breastfeeding again. Little by little, and not nearly as proficient as before the weekend, but it was a relief every time you latched on. Now, it’s a week later and you’re back to nursing like a champ and all feels well in my mommy brain again.

New favorite: toasted teacake

Nourishment-wise you’ve been doing pretty well in the last few days. You still love apples, and you sweetly share them with me every day. You’re also trying to feed us some of your other foods these days, sometimes even pre-chewed by you, so considerate of you.

We also went for some soft play again this week (just trying to enjoy as much of Buxton while we’re still here) and we had our first English toasted teacake there. It’s very similar to a Dutch ‘krentenbol’ and you loved it! Afterwards, I went to buy some to take home and you’ve been enjoying eating these for three days now. You eating gets better and better, and you’re ingesting larger and larger amounts. It’s really enjoyable to watch you eat too.

No sleeping bag gets in Babel's way

You are extremely mobile now. You crawl everywhere and fast. I look away for a moment and you’re gone, one time you’d crawled under the table and I had lost you for a moment. You pull up on all kinds of furniture (even when you’re supposed to be limited in movement by a sleeping bag), and on us. You are making steps cruising next to the ottoman or tv-stand. You went from hardly mobile to this within two weeks, gosh, are you trying to catch up or something? In any case, you’re making mommy and daddy proud!

Behind the scenes: walls of moving boxes

Mommy has tried her best to keep an eye on your mobile self and pack our belongings for the big move to Derby next month. Our house is decorated with loads of interesting brown boxes right now, if it were up to you, you would play with all of them. With lots of daddy babysitting time, I managed to get as much as possible packed for the move. But I’m not done packing, this week I’ll be packing our suitcases, because we’re going to visit your family in Japan next week.


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      You try not to freak out and talk yourself into being calm, but then you meet a pharmacist who tells you to urgently go to the hospital… The nursing strike was hands down awful though. So happy he’s almost back to normal.

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