Babel Weekly – 42

42 Weeks Old

You’ve had a busy 42nd week of life, dear Babel. You learned how to crawl forward, how to tentatively cruise the furniture, and finally at 9.5 months how to roll from back to front! I think normal baby learning order is something like: roll from back to front – sit up – crawl forward – stand up – cruise. You did it all out of order: sit up – stand up – cruise – crawl forward – roll from back to front. Before you could crawl forwards, you did get around by bum scooting and by crawling/moving backwards. The only thing we ever tried to teach you and helped you practice was rolling from back to front. We especially did that a lot after you first rolled from front to back, many months ago. All the other things you taught yourself and totally surprised us with, while we were still waiting for that forward roll. You definitely do things your own way and in your own time. So no more pressure from us, just keep doing what you do!

Going for a swim with Oma and birthday boy Ome Gy

We had some visitors this week. Oma and uncle Gyano came over for a short but sweet visit. Oma stayed with us and uncle Gy stayed with uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin. I was a bit sad to say goodbye to them after just two days, because you love hanging out and playing with them. Yet, any visit, no matter how short is better than no visit. It’s great to see your face light up when you see them, and they love interacting and playing with you as well.

74 cm and 11.76 kg

On Monday, we went to the library for your last weighing session in Buxton. You gained back the weight you lost last month when you were ill, and then some. You’ve grown a little taller. I’m glad you’re not growing as fast as you were a few months ago, you’re getting heavier and heavier to carry in the Ergo. In the new house, we’ll have a downstairs where we can store the push chair, so we can start using that more as you grow bigger. Although, I prefer the snuggliness of the Ergo.

I’m going to miss the convenience of Buxton, it’s very baby and child oriented and because it’s such a small town we can walk everywhere. Also, everyone knows us, especially you, and they’re all so nice. This city girl, has really enjoyed living in a small town. I thought perhaps with your English countryside roots, you might turn out to be a small town farmer boy someday, but now we’re moving back to a city before you’re really aware of where you live and up next is probably Osaka. You’ll likely turn out to be a city person, just like your parents.

Soft play with Oma

On both days Oma was here, you two enjoyed soft play in the park café. You made a few new friends, one girl tried to keep taking care of you and a boy kept hugging you.

Birthday boy and baby boy ready for the pool

On the second day, we celebrated uncle Gyano’s birthday. During the day uncle Djamo was at university and aunt Yasmin was baking a birthday cake. So we took uncle Gy swimming for our very last time at Buxton Pool. We stayed for over an hour this time and you loved it.

Changing room's baby jail

Except for the little baby jail we put you down in when the adults were changing, you hated that.

Happy Birthday uncle Gy!

At night, uncle Djamo and aunt Yasmin came over with Gyano’s birthday cake and we all got to celebrate his quarter-of-a-century birthday. The singing didn’t scare you and you just stared at the burning candles without grabbing for them. This was good practice for your birthday, now you just have to master a few more skills: blowing out your birthday candle and smashing your cake to smithereens.

Uncle Gy showing Babel how it's done

Seeing other kids moving around at the Weigh, Play & Stay Session and during soft play, must have inspired you because on Monday night you started crawling in the right direction: forwards! You’ve gotten faster and faster daily and you’re a proficient crawler now.

Crawling to uncle Gy

I need to keep a much closer eye on you now, because you’re going places and grabbing things not supposed to be handled by babies. You’re heading for the Apple TV box as I type this! At least, in the beginning of the week I could immobilize you by putting you on your back. But then you figured out how to roll from back to front, and even sit up from lying on your back. You also managed to stand without any support for a few seconds. You’re pretty good at pulling up and standing while holding my hand with one of yours. Then, you let go and stood there a bit wobbly for a few amazing seconds. Your mobility has improved exponentially this past week!

iPhone admiring

You love apples, the real ones and the electronic ones. Even if all of the other food on offer is completely boring to you, apples are always interesting and you always want to gnaw, bite, and suck them. We always share an apple, because you only have a bit of one tooth so you need my help breaking the apple’s skin and biting off pieces to create convenient angles for you to do your thing on.

Somewhere last week, you started actively sharing apples with me. Once you have the apple and had your turn you clumsily hand it back to me. Then I take a bite and hand it back to you. Then you start gnawing, sucking and chewing and about a minute later you shove it back into my face in the area of my mouth. On repeat! It’s adorable. You’ve also started handing us toys and when Papa says “my turn” you put the wooden ice cream stick you’re sucking on in Papa’s mouth.

His own iPhone

Everyone in your family has iPhones, and since almost all live far away, you spent a lot of your time FaceTiming family members across the world. So you’re constantly taunted by bright and colorful little screens, that you just want to grab and throw around the room, and oh yeah, chew. Sometimes, I can’t believe my iPad is still alive after all the torture you put it through. So, I got my old iPhone and downloaded some baby apps on it and we’re letting you abuse that phone as much as your heart desires. No more pesky parents’ hands quickly pulling away those really interesting electronic Apple devices. This one is completely yours.


9 thoughts on “Babel Weekly – 42

  1. Our Nathan is also crazy for electronics. We always try to prevent it but in the end he always finds someones phone, tablet or whatever and swipes over the screen till he finds some app he likes. He is even now able to find is own stuff on youtube such as children songs or videos how people open surprise eggs, crazy!

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